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Record a payment

Within Payment allocation, you are able to record payments. Recording a payment allows you to record details about any rebate payments that you have received from or paid to your trading partners.

Please note — you will be required to have ‘edit’ access to the selected trading partner in order to complete this task.

In the search panel to the right of the Payment allocation page, you will need to select a single trading partner. Click Search and then click on the Record receipt button that appears (Record remittance for customer rebates). A form will then be displayed in the middle of your screen where you will be able to record the details of your payment (as shown in the screenshot below).


Using this record payment form, you are able to record many standard details such as the amount paid, currency it was paid in, payment method, date and an external reference, which allows you to record any reference you may already have for that payment.

You are also able to record some additional information, such as an attachment of the physical receipt and any extra notes that you might need to make.

Please note — the payment method select list options will vary depending upon your Trading Programs configuration.

Once you have entered the details of the payment, you can choose to allocate it straight away or to leave it unallocated, ready to allocate at a later date

Simply click on one of the following two options in the bottom right-hand corner of the page:

  • Save unallocated · Clicking on this button will save an unallocated payment against the trading partner. You will then be prompted to select an unallocated payment reason from the list of options pre-configured by Enable’s system administrators, before being allowed to finalize this action.
  • Allocate · Clicking on this button will allow you to allocate the payment across one or more payment lines.

Alternatively, clicking on the Cancel button in the bottom left-hand corner of the page will close the record payment panel.

Partial allocations

Enable does not require you to allocate the full amount of a payment at once. Sometimes, extenuating circumstances require youto make partial payment allocations. In these cases, Enable applies the following logic:

-      When a portion of a payment is made against a single payment line, the entire portion will be allocated to that payment line

-      When a payment is made against multiple payment lines, that payment will be apportioned to each line in the appropriate proportions

o  Ex: A payment of $10,000against each month of Q1 2022, which earned $70,000, $20,000, and $10,000, respectively, will be allocated as $7,000, $2,000, and $1,000.

As with unallocated payments, partial payments will require a reason as to why they are not fully allocated.

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