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View and reverse allocations

The Payment history page in the Finance App will enable you to browse a real-time view of payments and adjustments for one or many trading partners.

When you click the Search button, the page will display a listing containing a row for each recorded payment or adjustment (as described in this article: Allocate a payment) which match your search criteria.

The search criteria will allow you to filter payments or adjustments by trading partner, cash collector, date range they were entered on, allocation status (‘Unallocated’ or ‘Allocated’) and finally by type (‘Receipt’ or ‘Adjustment’).


Clicking the Reset button simply resets the search criteria to its default.

Within the payment history listing, any payment or adjustment which has allocations will be clickable, opening up a panel from the right displaying a list of the payment lines to which the payment / adjustment has been allocated, and the value allocated to each.

An option to reverse the allocation of the payment or adjustment from the payment lines to which it has been allocated is also provided by clicking on the Reverse allocations button.


This option, when clicked, creates a reversion allocation for each payment line associated with the payment or adjustment (i.e. a negative equivalent for each allocation) and marks the payment / adjustment as unallocated.

You will also be able to download the payments or adjustments present in the on-screen payment history listing by clicking on the Download button above the listing.

The resulting CSV file will display a row for each payment line allocated to each payment / adjustment. Payments or adjustments without any payment line allocations will be displayed as a single row in the CSV file.

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