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Using the program line wizard

To streamline the creation of your trading agreements, there is a program line wizard in your Trading Programs channel which allows for the seamless configuration of your program lines.

This wizard will take you through the creation, step-by-step, without overloading you with information. This tool is particularly helpful for, but not limited to, users who are new to Enable and are just setting up their first few agreements.

Choosing the right trading program

The program line wizard is accessed through the homepage of your channel by clicking on the 'Create program line' button which is just off the center of your screen. Clicking this will take you to the very first step in program line creation; choosing the relevant trading program.


A paginated list of trading programs will come up, with their trading partner, trading program ID, trading program reference and more. Here, you will be able to flick through pages, search trading programs, filter to subscribed trading programs, or sort by criteria to find the correct agreement. You will have two options here. You can either:

  1. Choose the trading program which you would like to create the program line for.
  2. Add a new trading program, if the one you need is not listed.

If you need to create a trading program, the wizard will guide you through this process as well. This will involve choosing a supplier, reference, description, start & end dates, currency and trading program type.

Creating your program line

When the trading program has been chosen/created, you will next need to input the basic information for the program line. As you can see below, this includes the reference, description, program line type, along with the start and end dates. These will default to the start and end dates of the trading program unless you specify otherwise. You will then need to click 'Next' in the bottom right of the screen.

You can also see along the bottom that there is a progress bar which tells you which stage of program line creation you are in so you can track your progress. The four stages are Trading Program, Settings, Mechanism and Mechanism details.


Next up will be to choose the correct mechanism for your program line. The full list of all the mechanisms configured in your channel will appear, along with their descriptions. You will just need to select the correct mechanism and then fill in the mechanism details. More information on mechanisms can be found on our mechanisms glossary page.

Once this has all been filled in, you will be moved onto an overview of the program line where the only action remaining is making the choice of the dimension items. This will be exactly the same as the process when creating a program line manually.


Once the dimension items have been chosen, your program line has been created and will now appear against the selected trading program.

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