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Payment granularity

Along with payment frequency, payment granularity allows more control over how you can allocate cash and manage your program line earnings within the Finance App. This is because it determines how many payment lines there are and how much information each line contains.

There are three initial choices:

  • Trading partner – Payments are allocated according to trading partner. This is the least granular option because we are already within the context of a trading partner. Thus, payment lines will only be determined by the payment frequency.

  • Dimension – Once ‘Dimension’ is chosen, you will then choose the dimension you would like to allocate by. Payments can be allocated to the dimension items included in the program line determined by the dimension chosen here. If, for example, you choose the dimension ‘Branches’, you will then have one payment line per branch included in the program line. You will be able to allocate payments to specific branches. This is the most granular option because payments are allocated to dimension items, which are the smallest building blocks within Enable.

  • Attribute – This allows you to choose any attribute from any dimension. Then, instead of allocating payments to specific dimension items (i.e. branch), the items will be grouped by the chosen attribute and payments will be allocated to the values of the attribute. For example, if ‘Region’ is an attribute for the dimension ‘Branches’, this granularity allows you to allocate payments by region, and thus there will be a payment line for each region that is included in the program line.

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