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Assigning dimension items

When configuring a program line in Trading Programs, you will be required to assign one or more dimension items from each dimension to the program line. This may be done manually or by creating selection rules. The selection rules allow you to assign dimension items base on their attributes. The advantage of using selection rules is that if a new dimension item is added that fits the attributes you you have selected, it will automatically be added to the program line.

To assign a dimension item, start by selecting one of the collection options that are available to you in the Dimensions section of the configuration panel.

You will then be presented with two options: one to 'select all' items and one to 'manually select' items individually.

Select all items

Clicking on the 'select all option' will include all current items plus any future items that belong to the 'current items' collection. You will then be taken back to the configuration panel where you will now notice a count of the total number of items that have been included in the Items assigned column.


Manually select items

Alternatively, it is possible to manually select dimension items, by clicking the 'manually select' items option, you will be taken to a page with a list of your dimension items for the selected collection. You will now need to click on the Inclusions tab at the top. A number of options are available to you:

Direct inclusions

Firstly, you can directly select items individually from the list as you wish.

After doing so, you can choose the Direct inclusions selection state to filter the list just to the direct inclusions.

Inclusion rules

The second method of manually selecting items is by creating an inclusion rule. To create an inclusion rule navigate to the inclusions tab and click the Create inclusion rule in the top right-hand corner of the page and then ticking some of the attribute criteria shown. Ticking these criteria will then select all items which have the relevant attributes. The example below shows a selection of "Midlands", the first page of thelisting then shows a single branch.

A list of items included as part of the selection rule will be shown on the Indirect inclusions selection state.

Exclusion rules

Finally, you can choose to specifically exclude items individually from the program line by clicking on the Exclusions tab and then selecting one or more items from the list. Similar to inclusion rules, you can also create an Exclusion rule to exclude whole groups of products from a program line so you won't need to click each product individually.

Deleting inclusion & exclusion rules

To delete inclusion rules, navigate to the inclusions tab and click Edit inclusion rule, click the delete Delete rule button. The process is exactly the same for exclusion rules.

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