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Deleting a program line

A program line can be deleted permanently within a proposal trading program, if a line has been created in error or is no longer required.

This article will guide you through how to delete a program line.

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How to delete a program line

Users with edit permissions for program lines have the ability to delete program lines for the included trading partners within their access settings. If you require additional help, please reach out to our support team here.

To permanently delete a program line:

Step 1: Click the Program lines tab within a trading program.

Step 2: Click a program line row to select the line you wish to delete.

Step 3: Click next to the Edit program line button.

Step 4: Click Delete.

Delete a program line

Step 5: Click the Delete button to confirm your decision.

Enable will then queue the delete operation to be processed in the background. After a short time, you will be informed that the program line has been removed.

What’s next?

Need to create a new program line? Learn how to set up program lines here.

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