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Editing user access permissions

Channel admin users can manage access permissions for users, to determine the modules and data each team member can access.

This article will guide you through:

  1. How to navigate to user access settings
  2. Selecting permissions for apps
  3. Creating an inclusion rule
  4. Creating direct inclusions

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Users are located within the Config area of the Trading programs app.

Channel admin users will have access to the Config area and user management within Enable. If you require additional help, please reach out to our support team here.

To navigate to user access settings:

Step 1: Click on Config in the green banner at the top of the page.

Step 2: Click on Users in the drop-down menu. You will automatically be navigated to Users within the Config area.

Step 3: Click on the user within the users list, then click the Access settings button to navigate to user access settings for the selected user.

Users area

Selecting permissions for apps

Click on the ☰ icon to select the client application and access level.

Permissions are set for a user per client application and access level. Edit access will also grant Read access, so there is no need to set permissions twice for an application if you are giving the user edit access for the specific application.

After this, you will need to select the trading partners for which the user will have the chosen permission applied. Only allocated trading partners (those with values for all attributes) will appear in the list for selection.

Selections for the trading partner data your user has access to can either be made by grouping partners using an inclusion rule (explained below), or by directly clicking to select each trading partner.

Selecting permissions for apps

Creating an inclusion rule

Inclusion rules allow you to select attributes for all trading partners with this attribute to automatically be included, e.g. all trading partners within a group.

If new trading partners with this assigned attribute are added to your data in future, the new trading partners will also be automatically included if they meet the user’s inclusion rule. Similarly, if a trading partner no longer follows the rule, they will no longer be included.

To create an inclusion rule:

Step 1: Within the Inclusions tab, click the Create inclusion rule button in the top of the page.

Step 2: Tick All trading partners, or tick one or more attributes for the trading partners with the attribute(s) to be included.

Step 3: Click Save.

Step 4: Click the Selection state button and Indirect inclusions to display a list of trading partners which have been included as part of your inclusion rule.

Creating an inclusion rule for a user

Creating direct inclusions

Direct inclusions allow you to select specific items to include, e.g. individual products.

To create direct inclusions:

Step 1: Within the Inclusions tab, directly click on items in the list to select items individually.

Step 2: To help filter down dimension items for you to select from, click on the Attributes button, by tick your dimension attributes and click OK. Note: You will still need to directly click on items in the list, i.e. selecting an attribute here will not automatically include all items for the attribute.

Step 3: Click the Selection state button and Direct inclusions to display a list of items which have been included as part of your direct selection.

Creating direct inclusions for a user

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