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Target periods

Target Periods is a setting that can be enabled to add additional granularity to your calculations. This feature allows you to set Targets with a regular time period in mind. e.g. Suppose that a target monetary value needs to be reached each month for rebate to be earned.

Enabling Target Periods
To use this feature, the Enable team must first configure a mechanism to the correct Target Period Frequency. The options available are:
- Full Term (default)
- Annual
- Quarterly
- Monthly

Program Line Setup
The first selection that must be made to utilise the Target Period is the mechanism that we will use. Any mechanism that uses target bands (this includes all value, volume, ratio and growth in future build slots) can be used to create Target Periods. This mechanism has to be configured by your Customer Success team, who will ensure that the description of the mechanism makes it clear what Target Period is used.

Target Bands Settings

The target bands display within a program line is very similar, with the addition of a time period dropdown. Note, the time period dropdown is simply to see the actual, accrual and forecast rates for each period and the targets must be identical for each period.

If you require Target Periods for your program lines, please contact your Customer Success Manager. Please note that program lines using Target Periods are not currently compatible with the Forecasting app.

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