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Setting up a trading program

Creating a trading program

To create a trading program, you will need to access the program lines module of Trading Programs by clicking on Trading programs at the top of the page. From there, trading programs can be edited or viewed at any point, as long as you have the relevant edit or read permission for the program lines module and supplier combination.

When you click on Trading programs at the top of the page, you will notice a drop-down menu appear. Clicking on Trading partners (or Supplier, Customer, Vendor, etc) in the drop-down menu will take you to a list of your trading partners, where you can:

  • Search your list of trading partners by typing into a text box to initiate a ‘contains’ type search over the name and reference columns.
  • Click on any of the displayed column headings to sort the list by that column (as an alternative to the default option, which is to sort in ascending order by trading partner name).
  • Click on the current sort column heading to toggle between an ascending and a descending sort.
  • Select a trading partner to view the trading programs for that trading partner.

You can also view your trading programs in the single view of trading programs, by selecting 'List (beta)' in the Trading programs menu.

Before you get going, it’s worth knowing that trading programs can either be ‘proposals’, ‘interim’ or ‘active’.

Proposals’ allow users to model the terms of new trading programs during the negotiation process with your trading partners.

Interim’ trading programs are locked trading programs that are used after a trading program’s end date has passed, while the follow-on proposal is awaiting confirmation.

Once the terms of a proposal have been agreed with the trading partner, the proposal can be activated such that it becomes a regular, ‘active’ trading program. At the point of activation, you may wish to replace any relevant interim trading program(s).

In order to create a new trading program, you must first create a trading program proposal. This can be done by navigating to the Proposals tab under a specific trading partner and clicking on the 'Create trading program wizard'  button.


You will then be prompted to enter the settings, which will be specific to the configuration for your trading program.


Once you are all done, click the Complete button and your proposal will be created.

You are able to add terms for your proposal by clicking on the Terms tab.


Once the terms of your proposal have been finalized, you will be able to activate it to convert this into an active trading program. Under the Proposals tab, select the proposal you want to activate, click the ... button, and click Activate.


The proposal will now have been converted into a trading program and will be listed under the Trading programs tab rather than the Proposals tab.

Settings descriptions


This is a free text entry field where you can give the trading program a reference. The trading program reference will then be shown in trading program listings and can be used as a filter in reports. This reference does not need to be unique.


This is a free text entry field where you can give the trading program a description.

Start date / End date

A start date and end date must be given to a trading program. Trading Programs has a setting, which will either allow or disallow the program line’s start and end dates to fall outside of the date range of the parent trading program. This is configurable by Enable’s system administrators.

Please note — Transaction data that is created in Trading Programs will be matched to program lines. Part of this matching is based on the date of the transaction, in that the given data must fall within the period for the program line.

Trading program type version

Each trading program within Trading Programs can be assigned a single trading program type version. Selecting a trading program type version will dictate what ‘Terms’ information can be saved against the trading program. A list of trading program type versions will be pre-configured by Enable’s system administrators. If you wish to add, remove or make any changes to the configured trading program types, please contact our Customer Success team by raising a ticket in the Support Hub requesting these changes to be made.


This is simply a pre-configured option of one or more currencies.


A tick box that does not currently have any functionality and is not relevant to configuring a trading program within the system.

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