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Add terms items to a trading program

Once you have finished completing the settings for a trading program, you will have the option to securely add terms items, such as important documents and payment terms, by clicking on the Terms tag on the trading program creation / edit page.


A trading program's terms items allow you to capture information that, while important from a business perspective, is not essential when calculating rebate. Terms items offer a range of flexibility in the type of information that can be captured.

Different variations of terms items can be configured by Enable’s system administrators against individual trading program type versions for you. Each of these will be customized based on your preferences when managing trading agreements with your trading partners.

One important aspect of a trading program type version is the terms items it contains. Each time you configure a trading program with a specific trading program type version, you will need to configure any terms items relevant to the selected trading program type version within the Terms section of the page.

Terms can also be marked populated default text, only be edited by specific users, and be made mandatory so that they must be populated before the agreement is activated.

Lastly, you can also configure a terms item along the lines of 'Rebate payment days' that will allow you to say how long after the rebate payment is calculated that it becomes due in the Finance app. For example, if you have a program that ends on the 31st of December with the rebate payment days set to 30 days, payment for this program will not become due until the 31st of January instead of the usual 1st of January.

Simply click the Save button at the bottom of the page once you have finished setting up terms items.

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