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Take collaboration one step further with trading partner fed transactional data

April’s update introduces the much-awaited trading partner-fed transactional data, which allows trading partners to import data directly into Collaborator. This allows Enable users to rely on their trading partner's data, which may be more reliable or readily available and ensures that disputes are highly unlikely. Furthermore, we have streamlined the process of adding collaborators, included personalized touches such as profile pictures, and we have expanded and improved our existing API capabilities including the addition of a scheme endpoint.

These updates are already available to test in your UAT environment. Deployment to your live environment will take place on 13th May.


What’s new?

General enhancements

Account Hub

Profile Pictures – The Account Hub now supports profile pictures so you can personalize your account. This is integrated with the Support Hub to give a personal touch to your tickets. Over time we plan to incorporate the user profile picture across our entire portfolio of products.



Email content has been modified to include Enable branding and we have improved the way that the URLs are displayed. A plain text fallback has also been provided alongside the styled email for email clients which cannot display HTML/CSS.

Enable Apps

We have added some new apps for you to use that can be accessed through the Enable apps dashboard. These are the Special Pricing app and a new organizations platform.

Special pricing

A brand new Special Pricing app is now available. Special pricing agreements are offered jointly between a manufacturer and a distributor to supply products to a market segment at a reduced price.

This app allows users to create Special Pricing Agreements between themselves and their trading partners, and keeps a library of all those created.



We are building a centralized place for organizational data that can be leveraged across our product platform. It links key information about your organization such as all your different tenants, Enable users and trading partners. This integrates well with the Special Pricing app as it allows you to find other organizations you are trying to connect with to form a trading relationship.


Our Collaborator app has a plethora of updates to enable faster, slicker and easier collaboration between you and your trading partners. These include updates to the activity log, collaborator statuses and the much-awaited trading partner-fed transactional data. Also, you can now run a tenant collaborator report to easily see all the collaborators in your tenant.

Collaborator for you

Tenant Collaborator Report – The new tenant collaborator report is now available in Users & Activity in the Config area. This report gives admin users a centralized view of all the collaborators in your tenant with their details. You can search this list, sort it by any column and download it as a CSV.


Activity log – The activity log now contains more information. This includes the email address for any collaborators for the ‘Collaborator Invite’ and ‘Delete Contact’ activities.

Collaborator invites - When a user adds a collaborator within Enable, there is now a 'Save & Invite' button instead of the existing 'Save' button. Selecting this will send an 'Invite to Collaborate' to the new collaborator. The 'Send Invite' button will be relabelled to 'Resend Invite'. This small tweak will speed up the process of adding collaborators.


Collaborator status - The status field for collaborators has been modified to have 4 statuses indicating the status of each collaborator's invite: 'Not sent', 'Accepted', 'Pending' and 'Declined'. The 'Not sent' status will only occur if the platform setting 'Enable Collaborator' was turned on for the tenant where the trading partner contact already existed. With this, it will be a much smoother process to see the current status of each collaborator invite.

Transactional data from your collaborator

Collaborators can now upload transactional data for you in their Collaborator portal. This makes it a lot easier for Enable users who rely on their trading partners to provide turnover data to keep up-to-date records of transactions. This cuts out the long-winded process of you being sent the data and having to upload it yourself.

Collaborator Permissions - You can permit a collaborator to submit transactional data on a per-collaborator basis, the same way you can permit them to sign off schemes. These permissions are not dependent on each other.


One great feature of Collaborator is that your collaborators can be collaborating with other trading partners as well, but are only able to perform the actions relating to you that you have granted them permissions for.  

Transactions area – The new ‘Transactions’ area in Collaborator is where your trading partners are able to upload turnover data. This area shows a summary of imported transactional data. Collaborators can import transactions, view a transaction import log and see the master data from your tenant that is relevant to them.


The Transactions area lets the collaborator user select the trading partner that they are going to be uploading transactions for. This trading partner only shows if they are a collaborator for them and they have been granted the permission to import transactional data. The Transactions tab will use the most recently used setting for trading partner and currency by using temporary storage.

Collaborators can see a summary of imported transactions which will be broken down by month and currency. They are also able to download the latest ‘unreconciled turnover lines’ file.

Importing data – Collaborators can easily import transactional data, following the steps below:

  1. Select the relevant currency for the import (if there is more than 1 currency)
  2. Download a CSV template.
  3. Upload the populated file.
  4. Approve the summary of the imported data.
  5. Sit back while Enable will then process the import while Enable then notifies the relevant users.


But don’t worry if your collaborators upload data incorrectly, as there is also an option for them to replace the data they have uploaded.

Master data download – From the Transactions area, collaborators can download the master data of the relevant Enable tenant. This can be used to help ensure that the collaborator’s upload will reconcile with your master data. Each dimension file will contain all the relevant dimension items for the trading partner. For example, in a distributor tenant, if your products sit at the supplier level then your products will be filtered to that supplier. If your branches sit at the distributor tenant level, then the download will include all branches.


Turnover report changes – In your tenant, you will be able to report on the data uploaded by your collaborators. Furthermore, you can even filter the results to only show the turnover imported by your trading partners.


Unreconciled turnover lines download in your tenant – When you download unreconciled turnover lines from Enable, the resulting file now has an additional 'Trading Partner Import' column which will identify if the turnover was imported by a collaborator user instead of a Enable user or via automated imports.

Trading partner-fed transactional data is switched off for your tenant by default. If you would like this enabled, please get in contact with your Customer Success Manager.


Deal endpoint – The data that the deal endpoint returns has been enhanced so that now the deal mechanism description, deal configuration information, target items and earning items will now all be accessible.

Scheme endpoint - The data the scheme endpoint returns will be enhanced so that the scheme type version, information relating to workflow status, and all terms items information are accessible through the Enable API.

Move existing endpoints to the new implementation - The Enable API endpoints in the trading-partners controller have been moved to use a new approach. All other existing Enable API endpoints will be moved to this implementation, emulating the trading-partners controller endpoints.

Providing feedback

We would love to hear your comments about Enable and how it could be improved. Send us your thoughts via the feedback backlog.

This backlog gives a place for you to provide our product team with your thoughts and feedback on the Enable product and how it could be improved. Please share any feedback on the product, no matter how raw or unrefined, but it will help our product team if you try to submit a new ticket for each new idea or piece of feedback.

Read more about providing feedback on our help center.

What’s coming up?

In line with Enable’s commitment to release a software update every six weeks, we have plenty of new updates coming up that will be ready to test in your UAT environment on 14th May. Deployment to your live environment will take place on 1st July.

If you have any questions regarding our current or upcoming product updates, please contact our Client Services team at

Financials app

Our brand new Financials app is designed to facilitate the interface between Enable and your accounting package. This will allow you to prepare your auditable data that will be fed into your ledgers and records the state of Enable at the point it is exported.

Self-service onboarding

The Deal Wizard will now allow for more granularity when assigning dimension items to a deal being created, and, in general, be more dynamic when it comes to choosing dimension items. Also, there will be more distinction between which what are active schemes and what are just proposals, as well as the ability to progress workflow from this page. These upgrades in functionality will help to streamline the usage of the Deal Wizard and improve the UI.

Scheme subscription

You will be able to subscribe to your schemes. This will allow you to see all the schemes you’re subscribed to in one place, see recent activity against them, and see the workflow status of only theses schemes if you wish.

API enhancements

Further improvements will be made to the Enable API with the addition of new endpoints and the enhancement of current endpoints. These improvements include granular earnings, collection attribute values and per dimension deal earnings.

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