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Improve rebate accuracy using our new Pricing app

February’s update introduces our brand new Pricing app, which comes with its very own deal mechanism to utilize price lists. The update also introduces new and improved functionality to several Enable apps, including Collaborator and Forecasting. In addition, we have implemented performance improvements and modernized areas of the user interface to give you an improved experience while using Enable.

These updates are already available to test in your UAT environment. Deployment to your Live environment will take place on 1st April.


What’s new?

General enhancements

Trading Partner Reconciliation Report

We have made some updates to our recently released Trading Partner Reconciliation Report. The report helps to share expectations of turnover and earnings with your trading partners so they can review, compare and validate the figures with their own data. To get access to this feature, you will need to get into contact with your Customer Success Manager.

Supported Mechanisms – The Trading Partner Reconciliation Report now supports all of the targeted deal mechanisms, and data from deals with these mechanisms is now visible in the Levels and Growth tabs. To reflect this change, the Growth tabs have been renamed to Incentives tabs.

Inclusion of Units – Some Growth deal plugins can rely on turnover units as well as turnover value and both of these are now included in the Trading Partner Reconciliation Report. Turnover units are shown alongside the baseline and calendar year values.

Splitting to a ‘per deal’ level – The Trading Partner Reconciliation Report now aggregates the applicable turnover and earnings to a single deal, rather than the deal mechanism, giving you a more granular view.

Pricing App

Our new Pricing app allows you to handle deals where the amount of rebate earned is directly dependent on a price agreed between you and your trading partners. As part of the Pricing app, you are able to store price lists which include prices by dimension item combinations. You can then use these price lists with our new pricing deal mechanism to calculate these deals accurately. Please talk to your Customer Success Manager if you would like more information on using this new feature in your Enable.


Price lists – You are able to upload price lists into Enable which may include a trading partner, a dimension item or combination of dimension items, along with an associated price.

Price list versions – Price lists have price list versions to allow you to track the changing of prices over time.

Dimension item end dates – When a dimension item end date is modified, the system adds or removes the price list entries associated to said dimension item accordingly.

Using the mechanism – Using the new mechanism when setting up a deal requires two simple steps. You’ll need to enter your required fixed percentage (positive or negative) and then select a price list. If you wish, you can also lock the deal to use prices from a specific price list version. The default is that the relevant price list for the transaction date of the turnover line is used.


Calculation – The new deal mechanism plugin used in the Pricing app is a simple ‘Percentage of Price’ plugin. For each turnover line, Enable finds an active price from the configured price list for the deal and multiplies the turnover line’s units value by this price. The configured percentage is then applied to this total unit price to determine the earnings for that turnover line. If no price can be found, the earnings for the turnover line will be zero.


The forecasting module is an optional Enable feature. If you would like to find out more about the forecasting module, please contact your Customer Success Manager.


The following updates have been made to forecasting:

Automatic Forecasting enhancement

Forecast calculation – “Automatic Forecasting” is one of the recalculation methods which can be used to calculate a deal’s forecast.  This method rescales the forecast based on the actuals that have been realised. With the new enhancement to automatic forecasting, rather than using all previous turnover to generate the forecast, you can restrict the scaling factor to a certain number of previous months. The number of months, called the maximum phasing period, is determined either in the settings tab to be globally set, or on a per deal basis.

Volume deals

Deal mechanisms using volume only – A dedicated interface has been added to the Forecasting app for deals using mechanisms which only rely on volume, not turnover. This is similar to the existing interface used for those deals, but without some unnecessary values relating to turnover being displayed.

The following deal mechanisms initially use this interface: Fixed Unit Rate, Targeted Amount (Volume/Growth), Targeted Unit Rate (Volume/Growth), Fixed Percentage of Price (new).


Collaborator is an Enable application that your trading partners can use to view and interact with the schemes (plans) that you have with them. Collaborators can also sign off these schemes within Enable to save you the hassle of chasing them up.

If you would like this feature turned on, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Scheme comments improvements

Modifications have been made to the Scheme Comments functionality to improve robustness and update various elements of the UI. Users are now colour-coded in the comments section to help clearly distinguish between users. Deleting comments and attachments has also been made even easier.


Update on Collaborator users

Pending Collaborator users for a scheme – The Collaborator plan / scheme view has been modified so that pending Collaborators are no longer displayed, decluttering your UI.

Notify Enable apps users when attempting to use an expired URL token – Users can receive an email containing a link that uses a token as a means of identifying them - i.e. for new user registration, or password reset. These tokens can expire after a short period of time or after use, and when this happens users are informed of this expiration.

Pre-populate free trial request form with Collaborator user’s full name – Collaborators are given the option to "Create a deal" that allows them to start a free Enable trial. This free trial process has been streamlined to be more intuitive and easier to use.

Miscellaneous enhancements

Blog articles – A tile has been added to Collaborator which will link the user to the most recent or most relevant blog article from Enable, encouraging the user to see the work that we do. This is the same tile that can be found elsewhere within Enable's apps.

Viewing a Scheme PDF in Collaborator should not add activity log entry – A change has been made to ensure that viewing a Scheme PDF in Collaborator does not incorrectly add a corresponding activity log entry stating the user downloaded the Scheme PDF document.

Security enhancements

Multi-factor authentication

A user that has multi-factor authentication is now prompted to enter a code that is sent to their mobile phone when they log into the system. The user interface for this multi-factor authentication has been optimised for use on a mobile phone through using a simpler, numeric keyboard as opposed to a full keyboard.


Time zones – You can now choose your preferred time zone within your Enable account which will be synchronised throughout any Enable apps you use.

Providing feedback

We would love to hear your comments about Enable and how it could be improved. Send us your thoughts via the feedback backlog.

This backlog gives a place for you to provide our product team with your thoughts and feedback on the Enable product and how it could be improved. Please share any feedback on the product, no matter how raw or unrefined, but it will help our product team if you try to submit a new ticket for each new idea or piece of feedback.

Read more about providing feedback on our help center.

What’s coming up?

In line with Enable’s commitment to release a Enable update every six weeks, we have a tonne of updates coming up that will be ready to test in your UAT environment on 3rd April. Deployment to your Live environment will take place on 13th May.

If you have any questions regarding our current or upcoming Enable updates, please contact our Client Services team at

Trading partner-fed Transactional data

The finishing touches for trading partner-fed transactional data will be completed. This focuses on further developing the UI so that the layout of the section is clear. This will help collaborators to navigate the new section and easily input their data.

Special Pricing

Work will begin on new functionality which will help to represent Special Pricing Agreements (also known as Contract Support) in Enable. This functionality aims to accurately show the details of all Special Pricing Agreements and make the entry of them into the system as frictionless as possible.


New endpoints will be added to the existing web API functionality. These include both scheme and deal endpoints as well as a per dimension deal earnings endpoint. This work is part of our ongoing commitment to improve the API to ensure that customers can access as much information as they need for their reporting purposes.


Changes and improvements will be made to Collaborator regarding the activity log, automated collaborator invites, tenant collaborator reports, pending collaborators and workflow, and collaborator emails.

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