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Favorite your reports for ease and efficiency

We're pleased to announce that our latest update to Enable brings you a whole host of fantastic enhancements ready to be tried out. The work we have done on Collaborator will give you more control over the transaction data submitted by collaborators with the brand new approval process. Furthermore, we have improved our reports suite to bring you the much-awaited favorited reports, making it easier for you to re-run commonly used reports. On top of this, we have also added a new Snapshot to our Finance app along with the ability to authorize payment lines. Plenty of this work was inspired by your and your partners' feedback, so thank you and please keep logging tickets!

These updates are already available to test in your UAT channel. Deployment to your Live channel will take place on Saturday, 7th of November.

What’s new?


A wide range of great updates to Collaborator have been added to improve your partners' overall experience of collaborating with you, encouraging slicker and more efficient communications between you and your collaborators. This time, we focused on improving how your partners can feed transactional data that can be used in your channel. You can find out more about the great things Collaborator can do for your business here.

A new setting is now available within Trading Programs which gives your admin users the ability to approve or reject transaction data submissions. This approval can be configured on a partner-by-partner basis. Additionally, within Trading Programs, you can access a full listing of transaction data submissions that have been made by your collaborators. The imported file can be downloaded, you can accept or reject submissions, and a note can be added to explain a rejection. Your collaborators will be notified when any submissions are accepted or rejected. Approval for partner-fed transactions cannot be disabled if there are transactions waiting for approval.


Partner data now performs a full user-requested reconciliation process with every collaborator import, helping to provide your collaborators with instant information on the data uploaded. A list of the unrecognized references with the summary is also provided, so these references can now be easily corrected before they are imported.


An External Reference column has been added in the CSV template and the required format of the CSV template columns has been made more clear. There has also been a Partner Reference column added to the CSV, but this can be left blank if your collaborators do not need it.

The rollout of Collaborator is now even easier as our team have created a tool for the bulk import of collaborators. This will save you both time and effort, whilst getting your collaborators signing off your agreements as soon as possible. All imports are additive, meaning no data will be replaced or updated.

Other changes:

  • We've tailored our error messages in the comments section against a plan. It will notify the user when a message is too long (over 2500 characters) or has too many attachments (over 50). Such a message will need to be amended before it can be sent.
  • The Interface Date and Manual Import columns have been removed from the unreconciled transactions file so that your collaborators can spot the problems with their transactions more easily.
  • To help your trading partners even more, we've linked our Help Center articles on each step of the transaction import wizard, as well as improved the notifications so that collaborators will only receive one per file they import.
  • The UI for the transaction import wizard and the trading program PDF has also been improved to use Enable's style that appears elsewhere in our apps for a cleaner and more consistent look.

Trading programs

Trading Programs is the place where you can store and report on all of your rebate agreements. You can find our most recent set of updates to Trading Programs in this section. Our Help Center details more information on Trading Programs for you here.

We've listened to the feedback you've given us and added additional features to the reports area to provide more significant value to you and your users. This includes additional information in the listing, the option to return to the configuration of a report and to have up to 20 favorite reports per user per channel. Favoriting reports means that they will now never expire and you can easily run the report again. These favored reports will always appear at the top of the list so they are easy to rerun.


The standard reports suite within Trading Programs now displays dimension item references and trading partner references in the UI report preview and in the CSV file. These changes apply to the Program Earnings report, the Daily Earnings report, and the Transactions report.

Fixed unit rate mechanisms are now easier to set up than ever before. A new addition allows you to upload a CSV file with the included dimension items and their rates together, speeding up the program line creation process. The dimensions which you can choose from can be configured by Enable. This enhancement also applies to unit of measure (UoM) conversions. When a trading program contains at least one program line using the fixed unit rate mechanism, the included items report will now include two new columns: Rate and Rate paid on.

Non-apportioned mechanisms will now contribute to baseline earnings. This includes External Earnings and Fixed Amount mechanisms. Baseline earnings are the earnings that would have been earned if the trading program had run for the previous period. For example, if you create a trading program to run for the year 2021, the baseline earnings will show you how much this program would have earned in 2020 based on the 2020 transaction data. This is great for you because it gives you a glimpse of how well a new trading program will do.

Enable have created a tool that can be used to assist in migrating data from your existing Rebate Management Systems or spreadsheets into a Trading Programs channel. This will save you the hassle and time of doing it manually. Currently, this only covers trading program level information but will be extended for program line imports next time around. All imports are additive, meaning no data will be replaced or updated.

User time-outs can now be configured on a per-channel basis. This has been set to 30 days by default. Please get in touch with our Customer Success Team by raising a Helpdesk ticket if you would like this changed.


The Finance app is a key part of accurately recording receipts and analyzing just how your company is doing, so we've added some important enhancements to both Snapshots and payment allocation to help your business thrive. To find out more about how the Finance app can benefit your organization, read our Help Center article on it here.

We have introduced a new platform level setting alongside the existing Cash app settings, called Authorize payments to be enabled alongside Snapshots. Using this setting, you can author payment line values for export in Snapshots, which can then be used to drive invoices or credit notes.

A new option called Authorize has been added to the Cash app UI in the payment allocation page when Snapshots are enabled for your channel. This lets you authorize this payment line to be included in an authorized balances snapshot. It is also worth noting that only one authorization process can be run at a time.


There is also a new platform level setting titled Record authorized values as paid which will automatically record your authorized balances in the Cash app as remittances when enabled. This setting is only available for you if your channel has been configured to pay rebates instead of receiving them.

A brand new Outstanding Rebate Accrual Earnings Snapshot (ORAESNAP) snapshot type has been added. The ORAESNAP calculates the same accrual earnings as the Rebate Accrual Earnings snapshot but takes into account any amounts that have been paid. The mechanisms External Earnings, Externally Calculated Earnings, and Fixed Amount and any earnings that relate to proposals are not included in this snapshot.


Other changes:

  • Custom errors in regards to validating bulk payment adjustment uploads are now logged and displayed to users.
  • Additional monitoring has been added within the Cash app for performance analysis. This includes metrics on the time taken to generate Cash app reports and the time taken to generate snapshots.


Deals, formerly known as Special Pricing, is an exciting new app in our new collaboration based B2B platform. Special pricing agreements are offered jointly between a manufacturer and a distributor to supply products to a market segment at a reduced price. This app allows you and your trading partners to create joint special pricing agreements in a central library. 

Pricing and support mechanisms have now been created for both agreement templates and all types of contracts. You can now configure pricing mechanisms for customer pricing contracts and distributor support.


The mechanisms within the template can be marked as editable or not editable. All of the contracts which use this agreement template will use the values entered in for the mechanisms as a default. If they are editable, then you will not have to enter the same value for all item inclusions for a contract.


Validation has been added when creating a contract and users will be notified of any errors during the contract proposal process.

When creating a special pricing contract, item inclusions validation now lets you know if the products/product groups and delivery type combinations present in the customer pricing contract are not included on the distribution support contract. You can over-ride pricing mechanism and support mechanism item inclusion level fields for any valid item inclusions. Once a distributor has been enrolled on a customer pricing contract to create an SPA.


We have created a new wizard where you can then either choose to enrol an existing contract between the manufacturer and the selected distributor/customer or create a brand-new contract. If selecting a new contract, you will have to fill in any extra details required (e.g. distributor contact details) and then the contract will be created and enrolled. So it's now quicker and easier to create special pricing contracts.

You can now create a trading program directly from the propose contract page, provided you have access to create program lines in Trading Programs.

What else has changed?

  • We've changed some terminology. Your channel (tenant or instance) is the place for your trading programs (schemes or plans) with its program lines (deals or rebate earning elements). Your rebate earnings are calculated automatically based on your transactions (turnover).
  • Changes to Trading Programs have been made such as a centralized PDF application, a clearer UI for baseline earnings, a clearer control region, and menu-crumbs to optimize the mobile display. All of this also comes with a general performance review and optimizations across Trading Programs.
  • We've improved our emailing capabilities to reduce the chance that our emails get caught in spam filters.
  • The channel indicator (e.g live or staging) across our apps has been removed and is now indicated at the start of the title tag instead.
  • Improvements to Enable apps such as your profile image appearing next to your name in the hub switcher, and input and handling of telephone number entry.
  • SMS notifications have been improved to fully support international users.
  • When logging in using email two-factor authentication, the user’s code will now be valid for 30 minutes, in case there is a delay in the email arriving.

What's coming up?

We've already started building lots of great new functionality. This will be ready for you to test in your UAT channel on Thursday, 29th Oct. Deployment to your Live channel will take place on Saturday, 19th Dec.

Included in the next update:

  • We're adding more functionality so you will be able to configure program lines that have multiple conditions that need to be met before they earn rebate.
  • Following customer feedback, the Trading Program Description and Program Line Description fields will become optional fields in all cases. Emails and PDFs will be updated to reflect the optional nature of these fields.
  • Even more enhancements are coming to the reporting capabilities of Trading Programs such as the addition of an effective rate, and reports will handle earnings types in a more intuitive way.
  • Our Deals app will be receiving plenty of updates, including an agreement template listing of contracts, improvements to the wizard, and a new contract visibility setting to choose whether your contract is shared.

If you have any questions regarding our current or upcoming updates, please contact our Customer Success team at, or book an appointment with a member of our team. As always, you can log a ticket with any feedback or questions you have about the latest set of releases.

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