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Enable now supports more diverse trading programs than ever before

We’re excited to introduce a new deal mechanism. ‘Targeted % with ratio targets’ unlocks even more calculation options, helping Enable to represent all of your deals. Furthermore, you can now set up exclusion rules, giving you more control over how your rebate is calculated. As well as control over your rebate calculation, granular deal lines give you control over your finances and increase the flexibility of the Cash app.

Some of these updates are already available to test in your UAT environment. To have access to any of the new apps, please raise a request via the support hub and our Client Services team will configure this for you. Deployment to your Live environment will take place on Saturday, Sep 26th.


What’s new?

Trading programs

We’re excited to introduce exclusions. You are already familiar with inclusion rules, e.g. include all green products in a deal. You can now configure exclusion rules too. We've also taken this opportunity to streamline inclusion rules. Like with any other deal configuration, you will be notified if you attempt to set up conflicting or invalid rules.


We’ve renamed both schemes and plans to trading programs in both your Enable tenant and in Collaborator, ensuring you and your trading partner are on the same page. All of your trading programs are now consolidated in a single list. From here you can view, replicate, and subscribe to your trading programs.

A new calculation method has been added to our suite of deal mechanisms. ‘Targeted % with ratio targets’ allows you to calculate rebate, where the earnings rate is determined by the ratio of one set of turnover versus another set of turnover. For example, if online sales reach certain percentages of total sales, then different tiers of rebate are earned.


As with any of the mechanisms, specific help text can be configured to replace the default explanation of this mechanism to help your end-users. Our Watchlist app tracks risks and opportunities for targeted deals, including the new ratio mechanism.

Our Forecasting app forecasts spends and calculates the resulting earnings. Your configuration can be set up so that a deal’s forecast defaults to the forecasting method that most commonly fits your needs. This allows for most of your forecasting to happen automatically. As the future is not always predictable, you can adjust your forecasts manually. The new ‘Targeted % with ratio targets’ mechanism is supported within our Forecasting app.


A new navigation feature that combines a traditional drop-down menu with breadcrumbs has been designed, developed, and implemented into Trading Programs. This will later be rolled out into other apps such as Collaborator.

There is now a ‘Channels’ tab included in the navigation bar in Trading Programs. When accessing trading programs, you now access a default channel and can switch easily between channels using the channel switcher within this tab. For example, you are able to change to your staging environment just by clicking the name in the channels tab.


Enable’s Cash app allows you to record and track payments received from trading partners against Enable calculated deal earnings, including tracking aged debt. It significantly enhances your ability to manage the end-to-end process of negotiation, accounting, and cash collection for rebate contracts within Enable.

For every deal, the Cash app creates a deal line for every expected payment. The creation of deal lines now depends on both the payment frequency and the ‘payment granularity’ settings. For example, if a user selects a brand for a deal with a monthly frequency, then a deal line will be created per month and brand.


The following areas have been enhanced to support these granular deal lines

  • Our bulk payment adjustment feature allows you to upload a CSV file of adjustments and is compatible with granular deal lines.
  • The performance of deal line generation has been improved to allow for large numbers of deal lines to be saved within a better timeframe.
  • The system also shows a warning message when deal lines are not up to date, this can happen if there is an edited deal line on the deal or the deal is processed.
  • The CSV downloads available from the Debtors report, Creditors report and Payment Allocation area now display a breakdown of granular data for granular deal lines.

A snapshot is a collection of data that is timestamped and associated with a financial period. Snapshots are created for consumption by your accounting package and allow you to streamline your period-based financial processes.  

The ‘received from’ or ‘payable to’ column can now be added to RAESNAP snapshots. For ease of configuring, snapshots can now be locked and unlocked. Snapshots build upon the results of a previous period, so only the most recent locked snapshot can be unlocked. Unlocking a snapshot invalidates all future snapshots.

Special Pricing


Special Pricing is an exciting new app in our new collaboration based B2B deals platform. Special pricing agreements are offered jointly between a manufacturer and a distributor to supply products to a market segment at a reduced price. This app allows you and your trading partners to create joint special pricing agreements in a central library.

Special pricing allows for you and your trading partner to be on the same page. To ensure nothing is lost in translation, we’ve introduced marketplace dimensions, a central definition of dimensions that can be included in special pricing agreements.

You can now generate a PDF for customer prices, distributor support, and special pricing agreement contracts. These PDFs can also be rendered in the Special Pricing application. Users are now able to search the contracts listing by unique references. Please raise a request via the support hub if you would like to try out Special Pricing.



Our API presents a simplified, concise view of your data, without the need to get involved in the underlying complexity of how that data is stored and managed by us. Your tenant has a range of standard reports, but sometimes that might not be enough. With the API you can create your own ones based on your specific requirements

The deals relationship on the granular earnings endpoint will be enhanced to include your Deal ID.

Our API help documentation has been expanded to include all operations that can be used for filtering with our API. It has also been updated with information on how to use pagination. Additionally, enhancements have been made to the API endpoints documentation.


The Organizations landing page will show you in one handy place all information that relates to the organization. This includes your trading relationships, the most relevant communications in Messages, transaction data supplied via Collaborator and also your most relevant deals.

What else has changed?

  • A new option ‘Deduct unallocated payments’ has been added to the search criteria for the Debtors report and Creditors report. When ‘Deduct unallocated payments’ is ticked, the value in the column for sub-total of unallocated payments is deducted from the original values in the sub-total row to give new post-deduction sub-total values.
  • We’ve made enhancements to Cello and Messages so new Collaborators and free trial users can access Cello or Messages right away.
  • Creating tickets in Cello or Messages is now even easier with a ticket wizard to guide you through the process.
  • The branding of tiles across the Enable suite has been centralized in Organizations.
  • Previously, a large amount of the turnover import validation was done on the web request. This can affect performance. Validation for turnover imports is now done in the background to mitigate the performance impact.
  • The new user process has been streamlined and improvements have been made to reduce the chance that an Enable email is filtered as spam.
  • Our automatic monitoring process has been improved.
  • The Special Pricing, Messages, and Organizations apps now have their own hub tiles.
  • The onboarding wizard styles have been modified to support mobile devices of various screen sizes. This includes displaying a minimal version of the timeline for small screen sizes, and ensuring the ‘next’ button is easily accessible.

What’s coming up?

We've already started building a whole host of new functionality. This will be ready for you to test in your UAT environment on Thursday, Sep 17th. Deployment to your Live environment will take place on Saturday, Nov 7th.

Special pricing

Our Special Pricing app will be extended to accurately model contracts and ad-hoc deals with the addition of pricing and support mechanisms. These mechanisms will be used to represent the calculations involved in these special pricing agreements.


Further integration work between the Cash and Finance Snapshots will take place. You will be able to authorize payments within Cash. This will feed through to the snapshots to drive the production of credit notes and invoices.


The improvements to trading partner-fed data will include a full user-requested reconciliation process being carried out with every Collaborator import, a list of the unrecognized references with the summary will be provided, an External Reference and Internal Reference column will be added in the CSV template and the required format of the CSV template columns will be made more clear.

If you have any questions regarding our current or upcoming updates, please contact our Client Services team at

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