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July’s update promotes stronger partnerships across the whole Enable platform

Communication is key for all business and trading partnerships, so our newest update facilitates a greater transfer of information between all parties involved. Collaborator now provides the option to attach documents to your trading programs, enabling even more detail and context to be included alongside your rebate deals. Furthermore, you are now able to create ad hoc deals within our Special Pricing app, allowing you to represent all manners of deals within Enable. Finally, we have made further enhancements to Messages, aimed at streamlining ticket creation using pre-population. New message buttons are now available within deal and scheme related pages, which lets you quickly open dialogue about a specific topic.

Some of these updates are already available to test in your UAT environment. To have access to any of the new apps, please raise a request via the support hub and our Client Services team will configure this for you. Deployment to your Live environment will take place on 15th Aug.


What’s new?


Collaborator is a secure online platform that allows you to easily and securely share your schemes and deals with your trading partners. You can also permit them to upload transactional data in Collaborator for your trading programs. If you’d like to find out more information about Collaborator, please visit the Collaborator area of our Help Center.

Supporting documents can now be viewed in Collaborator. These documents can be found in the plan details and are downloadable by collaborators to improve ease of negotiations. If you would like to add supporting documents to the terms items on your scheme pdf, please raise a request via the support hub.


We’ve listened to your collaborators' feedback and made it quicker and easier to sign off a plan, no longer requiring them to enter the plan reference.

We’ve also updated our emails so they are more helpful for your collaborator at every stage of the sign off process. Collaborators who have accepted their invite to collaborate are visually distinct in the workflow.

The comments area has also been improved, allowing you to communicate effectively with your collaborators about your trading program.

Special Pricing

Special Pricing is an exciting new app we’ve introduced to fulfill even more of your B2B requirements. Special pricing agreements are offered jointly between a manufacturer and a distributor to supply products to a market segment at a reduced price. This app allows you and your trading partners to create joint special pricing agreements in a central library.

You can now also set up an ad hoc deal between you and your trading partner to effortlessly represent any type of agreement. Setting up an ad hoc deal is as simple as entering in the specific details and uploading the relevant documents, allowing you and your trading partner to download and view the PDF.


In addition, we’ve extended this to all contract types so you can add additional information in the form of plain text and upload documents. To make sure that you and your trading partner are on the same page, each contract type and enrollment now also has a unique reference.

We’ve introduced new ease of use enhancements, including persistent filter criteria, drop-down menus, and user access settings.

Special Pricing is now linked with your trading programs via the ‘Rebate agreement’ option when creating a new contract.

Please raise a request via the support hub if you would like to try out Special Pricing.


Messages is the go-to place for seamless communication between you and your trading partners. You can share documents and links with your partners via tickets. These tickets act as a repository of correspondence between your organizations. This avoids emails being lost in inboxes and files being stored locally. We have begun to integrate Messages throughout Enable; adding helpful buttons and links which remove manual elements from the ticket creation process.


Scheme and deal-related pages will now contain a message button linking to the Finance and Commercial backlog of Messages. This button will auto-populate a message title and add in pre-filled text to the body of the ticket.

Please raise a request via the support hub if you would like to experience Messages.


Our Cash and Snapshots have now been merged into a single area covering all things Finance! Users will be able to access key features of Cash, such as the Debtors/Creditors report, in the same way as before and can now access the Snapshots area, which contains the financial years and snapshot information previously found in the Financials app.

Upcoming improvements to Finance introduce more flexibility than ever before, around assigning cash to your deals and aim to make important information more accessible and visible. These include:

  • The due date for a Deal Line features in both the Debtors/Creditors report download and a new filter has been added to the payment allocation report.
  • A new ‘Include subtotals?’ option has been added to the Debtors/Creditors report download.
  • Users are now able to indirectly select multiple trading partners by their attributes within the Cash App.

The following changes will be finished in the next build slot and will be disabled until then, however, the functionality has been added:

The creation of deal lines now depends on the ‘Payment granularity’ settings - if a user selects a given attribute for ’Payment granularity’, then the deal lines will be generated to the more granular per payment frequency period per dimension attribute level.

To manage this, there is a new deal-level setting in the Cash App named ’Payment granularity‘, which allows users to specify that payments can be assigned to the existing deal line level, a specific dimension, or a specific dimension item attribute.


Snapshots allow you to configure, schedule, generate, and retain granular data snapshots for your financial periods. It allows you to request data that is used to feed your ledgers and captures the state of this data at the point a snapshot is produced. As with any other key activities in Enable, these are automatically recorded in the audit log.


Setting up financial periods has been made easier. When you modify the start or end date, it will automatically adjust the dates for adjacent periods. A tooltip with a red indicator will highlight which has been changed giving you full visibility to make further adjustments if required.

Most users will visit the snapshot list frequently, so we’ve made this the homepage of Snapshots. When you access a configured snapshot, you are directed to the most relevant snapshot - the last unlocked one. In the snapshot history, you are alerted to the completion of a pending snapshot by the row flashing green (similarly red for a failed snapshot). You can also access locked, available, and out of date snapshots from this area.


Our API is being continuously improved upon and its capabilities are ever-increasing. It now provides you with access to a wider range of data from Enable and ensures that you are given the tools to get the specific information that you need. This update adds yet another endpoint, placing more information at your fingertips. For further information on our API, please visit our API guide.

Deal Earnings Reporting endpoint - A new ‘Deal Earnings Reporting’ endpoint has been added to the API. This endpoint also supports the many types of filters that can be used in a standard deal earnings report.

Full support for relationships - Support has been added for each type of relationship within our API.

Trading programs

‘Trading programs’ replaces the ‘Browse’ tab and combines information previously found in ‘browse’, along with information previously accessed via the homepage.

We’ve made some UX enhancements to our Deal Wizard. This easy-to-use tool streamlines the creation of your deals. It can be accessed from both the homepage and from within schemes and presents information in a clear, step-by-step format.

The homepage now also boasts several smaller tabs to access other areas of your trading programs much easier and quicker.


Scheme IDs and deal IDs have been made more prominent throughout the system, such as in the activity log, workflow report, and scheme PDF. Schemes and deals are now also searchable by their IDs from the dashboard and the activity log.

The trading partner selector UI throughout the system has been tweaked to be more intuitive and has been added to the workflow reports area.



The trading partner reconciliation report now assembles even more information. A ‘deal total’ row has been added to the Individual Incentives and Group Incentives tabs. The ‘YTD reconciliation’ tab has been augmented to display turnover units alongside the relevant turnover value for a specific month and dimension item combination. We’ve also added a new ‘include interim schemes’ setting. This will control whether the earnings and turnover applicable to interim schemes are included in the report or not.

Support hub

The Projects section of the support hub has been improved to allow you to see clearly the current status of each of your projects with us. An ‘Upcoming projects’ tile has been added to the project information page in the support hub, in addition to ‘Current’ and ‘Completed’. This allows you to see the full list of your projects with us and track their progress easily.


What else has changed?

There have been several other improvements to our products which we can’t wait to share with you. These include:

  • We've made our automated imports more flexible by allowing any column order.
  • Instances of the ‘YYYY, Month’ date format in CSV downloads have been updated to a ‘Month, YYYY’ format. This will aid your data analysis, e.g. within Excel.
  • Notifications are now centralized, where each user will have an integrated list of all notifications across our whole range of products.
  • There have been continued enhancements to our emails to ensure that they make full use of the new HTML formatting and Enable branding.
  • A centralized PDF application has been created, which contains the visual look of the PDFs. It will be used in other applications and replace current existing PDF implementations.
  • A new blog article tile has been added to the Account hub.
  • There is a new ‘Shared with collaborators’ action in the activity log.
  • Features included as part of the ‘Essentials’ tier have been optimized to make the experience more intuitive for brand new users.
  • Authenticate using Enable Apps will default to true - The ‘Authenticate using Enable apps setting’ will be enabled for all existing and new Tenants.
  • Free trial provisioning has been improved by allowing additional free trials and having a buffer of free trial databases available for immediate allocation. Users are now allowed to create additional free trials after their previous trial has expired.

Providing feedback

If you would like to use any of our exciting new apps, or have any questions about the recent updates, please get in touch.

We would love to hear your comments about Enable and how it could be improved. Send us your thoughts via the feedback backlog.

What’s coming up?

In line with Enable’s commitment to release an update every six weeks, we have a tonne of updates coming up that will be ready to test in your UAT environment on 6th Aug. Deployment to your Live environment will take place on 26th Sep.

If you have any questions regarding our current or upcoming updates, please contact our Client Services team at


You will be able to set up exclusion rules for your deals to exclude groups of items in the same way that you have been setting up inclusion rules.

We’ll find the right place for these exclusions (likely candidate - close to inclusions) and update the language of the existing tabs to clarify whether they refer to inclusions or exclusions. As always, we’ll make sure you can’t set up invalid deals by clearly indicating if conflicts have been found.

Deal Mechanisms

A new ‘Targeted % with ratio targets’ deal plug-in will be created. This plugin will be available when configuring a new deal mechanism and will allow you to use the ratio between two sets of turnover to drive which turnover band is achieved.


Allocation of cash on a more granular level will be completed. For example, allowing you to allocate cash per branch. We’ll also enhance snapshots with the ability to lock and unlock financial periods, or Post-Year End snapshots, for a configured snapshot.

Special Pricing

We are working to constantly enhance our Special Pricing app. We will be further developing the PDFs generated within the app, allowing for PDFs for special pricing agreements and other types of contracts, e.g. Contract Letter to be rendered on screen. You will also be able to include items in your contracts and search by contract reference.

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