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Automate your Enable snapshots with our new Financials app

Our exciting latest release introduces a whole range of new apps and improvements to the existing Enable apps. The Financials app has been created to allow you to carefully prepare data to be fed into your ledgers and produce snapshots of Enable data at the date and time it was taken. Meanwhile, Special Pricing has been developed further to give you more options for the creation of agreements. We are also introducing our Messages hub to promote better collaboration between you and your trading partners. We have continued to add more endpoints to the Enable API, giving you more comprehensive access to Enable data.

Some of these updates are already available to test in your UAT environment. To have access to any of the new apps, please raise a request via the support hub ( and our Client Services team will configure these new apps for you. Deployment to your Live environment will take place on July 4th.


What’s new?


Financials is a new app for configuring, scheduling, generating, and retaining granular data snapshots for your financial periods. It allows you to request data that is used to feed your ledgers and captures the state of this data at the point a snapshot is produced. As with any other key activities in Enable, these are automatically recorded in the audit log.


A snapshot is a collection of data that is timestamped and associated to a financial period. Snapshots are created for consumption by your accounting package and therefore, they are framed within the context of a financial year.


The Financials app defaults to using calendar months as your financial periods. These can also be configured based on your specific requirements, allowing us to support any financial calendar.


Please raise a request via the support hub ( if you would like to try out the new Financials app.

Special pricing

We have continued to improve our exciting new Special Pricing app. Special pricing agreements are offered jointly between a manufacturer and a distributor to supply products to a market segment at a reduced price. This app allows users and their trading partners to create special pricing agreements between themselves in a central library.

A new wizard has been created to guide you through the contract creation process. When using the wizard you will select the type of agreement that they want to create and be lead through the creation process. You will then be able to configure your contracts to include contract terms, dimension items, start and end dates, and contact details.

Another new section of special pricing is the new agreement templates. They define the template that the contract is created for. This allows you to define some top-level information, such as the support mechanism, up-front instead of each time a contract is created. A new wizard has been created to guide you through the creation of an agreement template. An agreement template will allow you to configure a few fields: name, pricing mechanism, support mechanism, and currency. A new page will be created to list all the agreement templates that you have access to.


Please raise a request via the support hub ( if you would like access to try out the new Special Pricing app.


Collaborator is a secure online platform that allows you to easily and securely share your schemes and deals with your trading partners. You can also permit them to upload transactional data in Collaborator for your tenant. If you'd like to find out more information about Collaborator, please visit the Collaborator area of our Help Center.

The following updates have been made:

Appointments – Collaborators can now reach out directly to Enable via an appointments link on their Collaborator homepage in the same way that you can book an appointment with our teams. If you would like an appointment, book one here.

Activity log We have now added the collaborator's email address to a Collaborator record in the activity log, allowing you to better track your Collaborator roll-out.

Displayed names – The 'Who can view this scheme?' feature in Collaborator has been updated to include Enable users that are subscribed to the scheme, allowing them to easily see who they are collaborating with.



We are introducing the Messages hub which allows you to communicate effectively with your collaborators. The advanced messaging capabilities of Messages are inspired by our current Helpdesk ticketing system and it will help to promote seamless communication, without ever having to leave Enable apps.

The Messages hub allows you to share documents and links with your trading partners and acts as a repository of correspondence between your organizations. This avoids emails being lost in inboxes and files being stored locally.

Enable API

The Enable API puts more power in your hands, providing a simple interface through which to retrieve data and perform operations. For further information on the current Enable API, please go to our API Guides. More endpoints have been added to the Enable API. These endpoints are:

  • Collection attribute values The Collection attribute values endpoint provides information for a Dimension Collection item when given a Collection. This endpoint supports GET requests and filtering by attribute values.
  • Collections – The Collections endpoint allows you to obtain collection names / IDs to use in the new Collection Attribute Values endpoint. This endpoint supports GET requests and filtering by Dimension.
  • Granular earnings The Granular Earnings endpoint allows for earnings data to be requested at the turnover line level. The endpoint uses the new asynchronous processing approach to provide data and will support multiple filters.
  • Trading partner contacts to Collaborator The new Collaborator Contacts endpoint provides information on your associated Collaborator users who are linked to your schemes in Enable.

Scheme subscription

You can now subscribe and unsubscribe from schemes and proposals. Subscribing to a scheme makes it easier to perform actions against the scheme and view changes that have occurred. A list of your subscribed schemes can be found under the ‘Browse’ tab.

Subscribing to a scheme lets you do the following:

View subscribed schemes – There is now a 'Subscribed schemes' area where you can see a list of the schemes you are subscribed to, broken down by trading partner name, scheme ID, reference, and more. This list is paged, searchable, and sortable. You are also able to unsubscribe from schemes from here. This area can be found beneath the ‘Browse’ heading in the navigation bar.


Filtering by subscribed schemes – You are able to filter by subscribed schemes in the workflow report, the deal wizard, and in the recent activity tab of the homepage. These either appear as a standard filter or as a toggle.


Deal wizard

The Deal Wizard is an easy-to-use tool within Enable which helps to streamline the creation of your deals. It can be accessed from both the homepage and from within schemes and presents information in a clear, step-by-step format.

The Deal Wizard has been improved so that proposals can now be created with ease in the Wizard itself, as well as the ability to separate active schemes and proposals that are yet to be approved. You can also view whether a scheme is active, or if it is a proposal.


Support and Account hubs

Document sharing area – A new Documents tile has been added to the support hub. This allows us to share documents with you, even if they don't belong to a specific onboarding project. You can track your projects in the dedicated project tracking area of the support hub.

Profile picture – You can now personalize your Enable account by uploading a profile picture, which can be changed and deleted whenever you want.



Organizations is a centralized place for organizational data that can be leveraged across Enable apps. It links key information about your organization such as all your different tenants, Enable users, and trading partners. This integrates well with the Special Pricing app as it allows you to find other organizations you are trying to connect with to form a trading relationship.

We have made further progress on integrating Organizations with our existing apps including Enable core, which has been updated to make use of the Organizations API. Gradually, Organizations will underpin all of our apps and help to synchronize them.

Please raise a request via the support hub ( if you would like to try out Organizations.

Cash App

Enable’s Cash App allows you to record and track payments received from trading partners against Enable-calculated deal earnings, including tracking aged debt. It significantly enhances Enable ability to manage the end-to-end process of negotiation, accounting, and cash collection for rebate contracts.

We've introduced an automatic process to transfer cash allocations made against an interim scheme over to the replacing proposal as part of scheme activation. As with any other actions in the Cash App, this will be recorded within the Payment History tab.


What else has changed?

There have also been many great changes made across our whole range of products. These include:

  • Links to relevant blog articles are now displayed on pages within the support hub making them even more accessible.
  • Emails sent from Enable have been redesigned to avoid large links and now follow our Enable style.
  • Service monitoring now automatically creates tickets when systems become unhealthy.
  • Tickets can now be posted directly from the support hub. A link to raise a new issue takes you straight to the ticket creation in Cello making the process even quicker.
  • When multiple parts of a ticket change to the same status, only one email will be generated for the ticket as a whole.
  • The time component of the date-time on Cello tickets has been configured to display more often.
  • The Cello display has been expanded and is even more user friendly when users have access to a smaller number of backlogs.

Providing feedback

If you would like to use any of our exciting new apps, or have any questions about the recent updates, please contact us through our details or raise a ticket on the Support Hub.

We would love to hear your comments about Enable and how it could be improved. Send us your thoughts via the feedback backlog.

Furthermore, we're now also capturing feedback within our products by surveying our users' satisfaction and experience after activities such as creating schemes and deals, and signing off schemes in Collaborator.

What’s coming up?

We've already started building our next set of enhancements and are keen to share them with you in your UAT (Staging) tenant from June 25th. These updates will be deployed to your Live tenant on Aug 15th.

Special pricing

Support for ad-hoc contracts will be introduced, allowing end-users of the Special Pricing app to create any kind of contract using various free text fields. Existing contracts will also have new options with free text and document attachments. Changes will also be made to grant access to other users and collaborators as well.


Functionality will be added to Collaborator to allow the sharing of documents attached to the schemes (plans). Collaborators will be able to download any documents which have been attached as terms items on the scheme PDF, which gives Enable users more flexibility in sharing their trading agreements with their collaborators.

Self-service onboarding

There will be several improvements to self-service onboarding which will help to make Enable more accessible and easier to use. Our Deal Wizard will be enhanced which will allow for more options in creating a deal through this feature, further search capabilities will be added using the scheme and deal IDs and also the process of selecting trading partners will be improved.

Cash & Financials

Allocation of cash on a more granular level will be added. For example, allocating cash on a dimension level such as branches. There will also be further changes to the integration of the Cash App, specifically with the new Financials app and also some improvements to the debtors (creditors) report.

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