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Managing trading partner fed data in Enable

Trading partner-fed transactional data is a feature in Collaborator which allows your trading partners to submit transactional data to your Trading Programs tenant. Collaborators, who have been granted permission to upload data, have access to the master data for your Trading Programs tenant. They can then use this to populate the reference columns in the transactions file. The import wizard uploads the data directly into Trading Programs which will then go through the normal reconciliation process.


Trading partner-fed data is a platform admin setting. If you would like to enable this feature, please raise a ticket with us or speak to your Enable contacts directly.

Once enabled, a permissions box will be available on a per-user basis in the 'Collaborators' area within a trading partner in Trading Programs. Collaborators with the 'Can submit transactional data' box ticked have access to the 'Transactions' area of Collaborator. If they then wish to upload transactional data into Trading Programs, the trading partner which they are collaborating on behalf of must have a trading program against it. The trading programs against this trading partner will also determine the currency in which they can upload transactional data.

The channel collaborator report is particularly useful for seeing which users have been given permission to upload data.

Reconciling the data

Transaction data uploaded by a trading partner will go through the same reconciliation process as transactions uploaded by Trading Programs users. Trading Programs client admin users receive a notification on the Trading Programs dashboard when transactional data has been submitted by a Collaborator. In the Config area under Transactions then Reconciliation, you can see which Collaborator has uploaded data and also which trading partner they are uploading on behalf of. Similar to the normal reconciliation process, you can click on this 'Addition of lines' reconciliation to view a report of any unreconciled lines.


If a line is unreconciled lines, it will typically be due to the use of incorrect references that do not appear on your master data lists. Collaborators will be warned that they are uploading unrecognized references if any are present. However, they will not be prevented from uploading the transactions. Upon viewing the unreconciled references in Trading Programs, you can then make the decision whether the Collaborator needs to re-upload the data or if there are missing references in your Trading Programs tenant. Unrecognized references will also be shown to the Collaborator in a single report (accessed via a red exclamation button), so your trading partners can always see which lines have not reconciled from their uploads.

Reporting on the data

In Trading Programs, you are also able to report solely on the data that has been uploaded by your trading partners. A checkbox has been added to the Transactions report page labeled 'Consider trading partner-fed transactions only?'. This allows you to view a report of all trading partner-fed data but also apply any number of filters and restrictions, just as you would with the transactions report normally.


Deleting trading partner fed transactions.

For most channel trading partner transactions use a different turnover types to customer imported transactions. If this is not the case you'll need to raise a helpdesk ticket to delete the trading partner fed transactions.

When in your channel click config and transactions, then head to the 'Delete reconciled transactions'. You'll need to select the trading partner who's transactions you want to delete. Optionally pick the transactions dates and currency.


Under Dimension filters click 'add' then 'Turnover Types' and you must select the particular turnover type associated with trading partner imports, once you've done this click ok.


You must tick 'Consider manually imported transactions only?' if this setting is configured for the channel.

Double check all the fields are correct, then click delete.


A pop up will appear stating the number of transactions that will be deleted from the system, if this looks correct, click 'OK'.

You'll need to confirm deletion one more time by clicking the following box and delete.

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