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Boost Visibility With Transaction Imports, SPAs Bulk Imports and Renewals

We’re bringing you three new features and enhancements designed to extend the comprehensive and collaborative deal management and put you even more in control of your data on Enable’s rebate management platform.

1. Transaction Imports for Trading Programs

The Transaction Imports  provide an in-depth view of your recent imports along with crucial information like processing time and import type. Use Transactions Import to confirm regular imports and large data imports so you always have visibility into progress and data availability. Transactions Import is availabe in the Config Processing area.

Transactions Import

2. Special Pricing Agreements (SPAs) Bulk Imports & Renewals

We’ve added a lot to our SPAs area of our rebate management platform.

Most notable is Bulk Import Price Lists where you can effortlessly import price lists via SFTP, reducing time and effort. But just importing in bulk isn’t enough, we added Bulk Renewals, which let you renew contracts in bulk on a quarterly or yearly basis. Say goodbye to your manual renewals!

SPAs Bulk Renewals page
Illustration of how to process bulk renewals

Track the available inventory to claim via Quantity and Cost Ledger. This can be done for all products on PO receipts uploaded, sales, end customer returns, and distributor returns. The LIFO accounting methodology can be used for per-unit tracking. Stay tuned for Phase 2!

Quantity and Cost Ledger
Illustration of how to track current inventory to claim

Exporting SPAs has become simpler with Download SPAs. Collaborate more effectively with your trading partners and internal team by downloading and sharing one or multiple SPAs in CSV format anytime or as requested.

Illustration of how to download one or multiple SPAs

3. Azure Storage

Azure Storage provides a new way for you to securely exchange files with us and automatically import data into your Trading Programs platform. Moving to this storage aims to simplify the overall workload, giving you more control over your data and needing less involvement from your IT team.

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We Value Your Input!

As a reminder, we're always building something new on our rebate management platform. If you have any ideas, suggestions, feedback, or just want to learn more, contact us.

Mark your calendars for our next live release on April 13, 2024.

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