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Enable Introduces Advanced Rebate Management Tools

We are thrilled to introduce our latest updates, designed to transform your rebate programs into powerful and profitable growth engines.  

Your feedback is invaluable and directly shapes our product development. Remember, you can always share your thoughts in the Rebate Strategist Community to help influence our future innovations.

Trading Programs

Secured Authentication using SSH Keys

We enhanced the Automated Imports process by allowing direct and faster authentication into your SFTP folder, using SSH keys — providing users with increased security and convenience. This enhancement benefits users who prefer the added security of SSH key authentication on top of existing passwords. By selecting the “Use SSH key” option and providing your SSH public key, you can easily authenticate yourself into your SFTP folder.

Illustration of SSH public keys  

Program Line Unit Caps (Targeted % Rate With Targets In Units)

The "Targeted % Rate With Targets In Units" plug-in previously supported unit caps only at the individual level, which was a limitation for customers requiring caps at the program line or group level. The updated feature now includes support for unit caps at both the program line and group levels.

Illustration of Program Line Unit Caps

Program Line Filter in Finance App

The latest update to the Finance App features a "Program Line Type" filter in the Payment Allocation tab. This enhancement addresses challenges experienced by customers managing multiple trading programs and lines. The new filter streamlines the process of navigating extensive lists by enabling users to filter views based on specific program line types, significantly enhancing overall efficiency.

Illustration of Program line filter types

Special Pricing Agreements

Enhanced Transaction Import Flexibility

You can now choose to either replace existing transactions from the same date or add new ones to the existing data when importing sales transactions to the platform. This flexibility allows you to upload transactions in batches without overwriting previous entries, ensuring all your transactions are accurately reflected in the system.

Contract-Level Transaction Validity Dates

For users of the Cost and Quantity Ledger, it's now possible to specify a timeframe for matching sales transactions to POs at the agreement level. This feature ensures that the correct product purchases are aligned with SPA contracts, even for products bought before the agreement's start date.


  • Contract Dates: January 1 - March 31, 2024
  • Validity Timeframe: 60 days
  • The oldest POs matched to end-customer sales transactions will be dated November 1, 2023

Your Feedback Matters to Enable

Have questions or feedback on our latest release? We'd love to hear from you! Drop us a line by email, schedule a chat with our team of experts to get the conversation going. Your insights are crucial in shaping our product to better serve your needs.

We hope you enjoy this latest release as much as we enjoyed building it for you. Stay tuned for our next live release on August 17, 2024!

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