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Faster Tracking, Better Efficiency, and Accurate Support Calculation!

With our latest release, we’re excited to announce some new features and enhancements on our platform to help you manage your rebates more efficiently. At Enable, we strive to action on product feedback to better match your needs. You can always provide feedback in the Rebate Strategist Community!

Trading Programs

Confidently Track Your Single-Day Trading Programs

Tired of manually tracking rebates to be paid on promotional sales? With Trading Programs, users can create single-day program lines with the same start and end dates. Effortlessly manage single-day incentives and rebates on key agreements all within the platform, especially on big occasions like Black Friday. You can access them by clicking on Trading Programs > Organisation > Trading program lines > View Program > Settings.

Illustration of Single-Day

Automated Agreement Sign-off Emails Keep You Informed

Meet your new favorite administrative helper, automatic email reminders for your trading agreements. No more having your agreements remain in the ‘proposal’ stage while awaiting collaborator sign off. Now, easily let your internal and external partners know that a trading program is awaiting their sign off. Platform Admins can access this workflow under Config > Set up > Trading programs & program lines. The reminder emails can be sent to internal users and collaborators either daily, weekly, or bi-weekly.

Illustration of Automatic Reminder Email

Enhanced Visibility for Your Imported Transaction Files

Find yourself questioning if your calculations are up-to-date and reliable once imported into Enable? Especially if you manage larger and more frequent transaction imports. With the introduction of the Transaction Imports tab, you can stop second guessing. This enhancement allows you to:

  • Review all imported transactions files over the last 30 days.
  • Filter their view by import status, import type, and processing times.
  • Sort files via customized column options.

Access it via Trading programs > Config > Processing > ... (ellipsis) > Transaction Imports

Illustration of Transaction Import Tab

Special Pricing Agreements
Ensure Accurate Support Using LIFO/FIFO Accounting Methods

Move on from legacy ERP systems and leave no room for error! Eliminate inaccurate claim calculations or discrepancies in your support values thanks to the introduction of the Quantity and Cost Ledger feature on Enable. It lets you use Last-In, First-Out (LIFO) and First-In, First-Out (FIFO) accounting methodologies when measuring support owed.  

Illustration of Quantity and Cost Ledger

Effortlessly Manage Multiple Mechanisms in Your Contracts

Consolidate all your agreements with a specific trading partner in one place, aiding your admin efficiency with  Product-Level Calculations. You can use up to four mechanisms for your SPA contracts in the “Distributor Terms” section of the agreement.  

Illustration of Product-Level Calculations

Quicker Access to Your SPA Contracts Using the SPA Tile

Navigate through your most common applications in a breeze with the latest SPA Tile within your Hub switcher. To access the tile, select the Hub switcher button on the top right-hand side of the homepage to showcase the Hub switcher tab. On purchasing SPAs, you can find it by clicking on the Hub switcher button > User name > Apps tab.

Illustration of SPA Tile in Hub Switcher

Crafting Excellence Together: Your Feedback Matters!

Curious about Enable's latest releases (including what’s above), or have burning questions? Drop us an email or schedule a chat with our team of experts. Got feedback or queries? Raise a ticket anytime. We're eager to hear from you!

Help us build Enable to be even more comprehensive, collaborative, and controlled to support you on your rebate journey. Look out for our next LIVE release: May 25, 2024!

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