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Building Features for Scale: Managing Marketing Funds, Modeling Complex Deals, and Streamlined Data Management on Enable

We’re excited to announce brand-new features on our rebate management platform, each of these coming from your product feedback and the feedback in our rebate strategist community!


Say Hello to Funds!

Struggle to accurately process, track, and maintain marketing funds with your partners? We’ve got you. Our newest rebate type Funds, you can manage your marketing funds alongside your other rebate programs. Access and maintain negotiated fund agreements, process all marketing activities, and accurately calculate fund values to help drive sales and grow market share! Get started today.

Illustration of Fund types

Trading Programs

Model Your Deals Effectively with OR Inclusion Rules

The OR inclusion rules have arrived! Eliminate any issues associated with the construction of your program lines by including dimension items that contain any of the selected attribute values. This lets you model your deals and plan effectively.

Illustration of OR Inclusion Rules

Calculation Queue Mode to Handle Large Data Volumes

We’ve heard your feedback on streamlining calculations, especially when importing large transactions to your trading programs. With the launch of Calculation Queue Mode, we’ve solved exactly that. Track complex program lines, particularly ones associated with indirect rebates, and confidently toggle between three different modes to manage your data:

  • Standard mode: calculations are queued normally as per the existing functionality.  
  • No calculations mode: pauses calculations queued following reconciliation, until turned on.  
  • Approximate affected program lines mode: simplified logic to complete calculations faster.

Want to access it? Get in touch with your CSM to configure it for you.

Illustration of Calculation Modes

Building Better Products with Your Feedback

Interested in learning more about what Enable’s working on, including what’s here? Or just have questions otherwise? Send us an email or book an appointment with expert members of our team. You’re always welcome to raise a ticket with any feedback or questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!

Stay tuned for more updates making Enable even more comprehensive, collaborative, and controlled to match your rebate management needs. See you back here for our next LIVE release: April 13, 2024!

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