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Adding details to a new SPA

Details on a special pricing agreement (SPA) define the basic elements of the contract, including reference, agreement name, delivery types and the dates the agreement is valid for.

This article will guide you through how to add details to a new SPA.

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How to add details to a new SPA

The Details section is accessed within the Terms tab of a SPA.

Populating the Details section

Populate the details in this section as below. Where a field is mandatory, this is indicated by an asterisk * next to the field name, e.g. Currency*.

  • Reference: Type a unique external SPA reference - this should match the reference that trading partners will input on transaction lines for claims. Alternatively, if the reference is left blank, a unique reference will be automatically generated by Enable when the contract is saved. The default format for an automatically generated SPA reference is S{10 random digits}, e.g. S1314145231.
  • Agreement name: Type a descriptive name for your contract, which can be used to search in your SPAs listing. This name will appear at the top of the SPA PDF and will be visible to your Collaborators. Tip: It is recommended that you create a consistent naming convention for your SPA agreement names. A combination of the dates of the SPA, the parties involved and the SPA reference tend to make a clear agreement name, e.g. 2024 - SC Lighting - Builder Depot Terms REF12345.
  • Currency*: Select a single eligible transaction currency for the SPA. Options to select from are based on currencies configured in your channel.
  • Delivery types*: Select ‘Distributor Delivery’ if goods are sent to the end-customer from the distributor. Select ‘Direct’ if goods are sent to the end-customer directly from the manufacturer. Both can be selected if applicable for the agreement, e.g. if the invoice goes through the distributor but the manufacturer actually delivers the product - in this case the distributor may receive less support as costs are saved by not delivering the product.
  • Start date*: Select the date when your SPA contract will begin and eligible transactions should start accruing support (inclusive of this date).
  • End date*: Select the date when your SPA contract will end and eligible transactions should stop accruing support (inclusive of this date).
  • Visibility*: Select ‘Shared’ to allow the contract to be viewed by the partner organisation (your Collaborators) with appropriate permissions. Select ‘Internal’ for visibility of the contract to be restricted to your organization only.
  • Tag: Type any text or number value to utilize tags in your organization. One tag can be added per SPA. Tip: This could be a type such as expansion, market share, profit, or the name of the salesperson that made the deal. Multiple SPA agreements can be filtered by a tag when a list of them are downloaded from the SPA details report.

What’s next?

Once you are happy that the Details section in the Terms tab has been populated, Save draft and navigate to the Distributor terms section.

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