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Adding notes to a new SPA

Notes on a special pricing agreement (SPA) are highly flexible and allow you to add custom text to your SPA.

Notes can include terms and conditions, payment conditions or any other information you want to capture for your trading partners to be aligned on. Notes will appear on the SPA PDF and be visible to your Collaborators if Visibility of the SPA is set to Shared.

This article will guide you through how to add a note to a new SPA.

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How to add a Note to a SPA

Notes can be added to a SPA when the contract status is Draft or Ready for approval.

Notes Tab on SPA

Step 1: Within the SPA, click the Notes tab and Add note button.

Step 2: Type a header into the header field. This should be a title of the note and will appear on the SPA PDF.

Step 3: Type your text into the note input.

Step 4: Click Save.

Adding a Note

Tip: Ensure you are happy with all Notes before a SPA is approved, since your Collaborator will have visibility of notes within the SPA if Visibility of the SPA is set to Shared.

Once a note has been saved, it cannot be edited but can be deleted by clicking the X in the upper right corner of the note if the contract status is Draft or Ready for approval.

Looking to delete a note from a SPA which has already been approved? A new version or period of the SPA can be created where any notes can then be deleted - learn more about editing a special pricing agreement here.

What’s next?

Once you are happy that the Notes tab has been populated, Save draft and navigate to the Documents tab.

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