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Adding rebate interactions to a new SPA

Rebate interactions on a special pricing agreement (SPA) allow you to specify how rebate impacts SPA calculations, by selecting program lines that should reduce support amount by rebate. This will calculate a net rebate and support price per product, and the selected program lines will appear in the SPA details report.

If you are not currently tracking rebate programs within Enable and wish to learn more, please reach out to our team here.

This article will guide you through how to add rebate interactions to a new SPA.

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How to add rebate interactions to a new SPA

The Rebate interactions section is accessed within the Terms tab of a SPA.

This section is displayed when Reduce support by rebate is enabled within the Distributor terms section.

Tip: If Reduce support by rebate has been enabled but the Rebate interactions section isn’t yet showing, ensure you Save draft for the new section to display.

Add rebate interactions to a new SPA

Follow the below steps to configure rebate interactions on the SPA:

Step 1: Click the Add button.

Step 2: Search using the program line reference, or trading partner name to filter the results displayed in the table.

Program lines will display if the:

  • Trading program is active;
  • Trading program and SPA currencies match;
  • Trading program and SPA dates overlap;
  • Distributor/manufacturer on SPA is either the trading partner on the trading program, or is included on the program line via indirect rebates.
Selecting program lines in the rebate interactions section

Step 3: To select, click on one or more program line, then click the OK button.

Note: Once rebate interactions are added here (and the contract status is Draft or Ready for approval), the Add button will appear as an Edit button.

Added rebate interaction on a new SPA

What’s next?

Once you are happy that the Rebate interactions section in the Terms tab has been populated, Save draft and navigate to the Notes tab.

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