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Selecting an end-customer mechanism for a new SPA

End-customer terms on a special pricing agreement (SPA) determine the mechanism, pricing, and other details specific to the end-customer on the agreement.

This article will guide you through:

  1. How to add end-customer terms on a new SPA
  2. Specify end-customer pricing
  3. How to select an end-customer mechanism on a new SPA

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How to add end-customer terms on a new SPA

How to add end-customer terms on a new SPA

The End-customer terms section is accessed within the Terms tab of a SPA.

The additional fields displayed in the End-customer terms section will depend on if an end-customer pricing mechanism selected. Where a field is mandatory, this is indicated by an asterisk * next to the field name, e.g. End-customer pricing mechanism*.

See the end-customer pricing options to select from below.

Adding End-customer terms

Specify end-customer pricing

Specify end-customer pricing is optional, and can be ticked if the agreement specifies end-customer pricing, or left unticked if the distributor can sell to the end-customer at any price.

Tip: End-customer pricing typically isn’t used within the UK, so can be left unticked if not applicable.

End-customer pricing mechanism

This field will display when Specify end-customer pricing is ticked.

Options to select from are:

  • Percentage discount off list price
  • Fixed contract price

Percentage discount off list price

Select this pricing mechanism to define a specific discount for the products in the agreement, which would be used to calculate the discounted price to the end customer. This mechanism requires a trade price list, i.e. a list of product prices before any discounts have been applied.

For example, a product with a price of $50 and a percentage mechanism value of 10% will result in a supported end-customer price of $45.

Fixed contract price

Select this pricing mechanism to define the exact price for the products the customer will pay, rather than use a price list.

What’s next?

Once you have chosen and selected a pricing mechanism, navigate to the relevant mechanism’s end-customer terms below:

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