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Troubleshooting unreconciled transactions

There may be occasions where either unmatched or unreconciled transaction lines are reported in Trading Programs. This will mean that these transaction lines are not being applied to qualifying program lines, so it is important that these are reviewed.


To troubleshoot data reconciliation queries, click on Config at the top of your page and then on Transactions in the drop-down menu that appears.

Next, click on the Reconcile tab where you will be shown a list of recent reconciliation jobs. This list will include any individual file imports (Addition of lines) and scheduled imports which occur at a set time each day (5am by default).

  • Addition of lines · Each ‘addition of lines’ reconciliation will give a reconciliation report for a single import only. This is useful to investigate if an issue can be isolated to a specific import.
  • Scheduled imports · Each ‘scheduled’ reconciliation will give a full reconciliation report showing all unreconciled lines that are in the system. This is useful to investigate any broad issues regarding missing transactions that cannot be isolated to specific import.

Against each reconciliation job, there is the option to download an ‘Unreconciled transaction lines’ or ‘Unmatched to a supplier’ csv file.

  • Unreconciled transaction lines · This file will show any transaction lines that fail to reconcile over one or more dimension references, e.g. products. This file will list the reason why each line fails, e.g. missing product reference. Using this example, we can check to see if a product does in fact exist in Trading Programs, or perhaps if there is a similarly named product or even a typo.
  • Unmatched to a supplier · This file will show any transaction lines that do not match to a supplier in the system. In the majority of cases, this is due to the supplier not existing within the system.

Additional support

If your requests are specific, please raise a Helpdesk ticket, where we can respond to you with useful screenshots, csv files or links to help guides.

When your requests are less precise in nature, it is usually more effective to set up a screen share to troubleshoot the problem with you. This will usually involve downloading the reconciliation reports (as described above) and discussing these with you. If you require this, please book an appointment with our Customer Success team.

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