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How to use interface dates to delete transactions

The interface date allows you to distinguish between the transaction date (referred to as “Date”), which is used for the purposes of program line earnings calculation, and a date that is used to identify context replacement.

A possible scenario requiring the use of an interface date is if you wish your transaction, and hence program line earnings for a particular period to use “Invoice Date”, but you only publish this information on “Payment Date” (as the invoice may still be amended up until it is paid). The “Payment Date” then defines the context date range for your import.

The interface date is a value that can be included in either the manual or automated transaction imports. Whether this value is optional or mandatory can be configured for you by Enable's Customer Success team. It is good practice to populate the interface date with the date that you upload the file. This makes it easy for you to replace a day's worth of transactions, should it be necessary.

Previously imported transactions can be removed through the use of interface dates. This is regardless of whether the initial transactions were imported manually or automatically.

When using automated imports, the transaction file will identify its import context by specifying the relevant interface date range it relates to.

Therefore, the import context for a transaction file may be any of the following:

  1. a) A single interface date
  2. b) A ‘from interface date’ and ‘to interface date’ range.

A transaction file’s interface date range context specifies the date range for transaction line interface dates.

Please see our article on deleting transactions and turnover for more information, including how transactions can be removed from the system manually through the UI.

If you would like to discuss the usage of interface date, please raise a Helpdesk ticket with us.

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