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Configure the reconciliation process

When transactions are added into Trading Programs, ‘Addition of lines’ reconciliation jobs are created to attempt to turn these transactions into transactions data.

These reconciliation jobs and reconciliation settings can be accessed by admin users only. Simply click on Config at the top of the page and then on Processing that appears in the drop-down menu. From the Processing menu, click on the Reconciliation tab.

At which point the reconciliation jobs are processed depends on the configurable Reconciliation settings found in the panel to the right of the page (as shown in the screenshot below).


The reconciliation process can either be manually triggered upon the addition of new lines or set for a certain time of day. Both settings can also work in conjunction with each other.

If the option to reconcile transactions based on a schedule is switched on, then Trading Programs will attempt to reconcile all transactions that has not yet been reconciled at the specified time of day. Ideally this should be set to a time of low usage.

Alternatively, if the option to reconcile transactions based on the addition of new transaction lines is switched on, then Trading Programs will attempt to reconcile this new transactions as soon as possible.

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