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How to find your SPAs

Enable allows you to efficiently and profitably manage your special pricing agreements (SPAs) in a single repository, minimizing time spent on manual administration with key processes optimized.

This article will guide you through:

  1. How to navigate to special pricing agreements
  2. How to view agreements via the SPAs listing
  3. How to filter SPAs
  4. How to download SPAs

Looking for something else?

SPAs are located in the Special pricing agreements app. Wherever you are in the Enable platform, you can get to your SPAs area using the below steps:

Step 1: Click the hub switcher icon (nine dots) in the top right. This will show you the Apps you have access to. You can see an example below.

Step 2: Click on Special pricing agreements.

Alternatively, please reach out to our team if you cannot see the Special pricing agreements tile.

Using the hub switcher to navigate to the special pricing agreements app

How to view agreements via the SPAs listing

The SPAs listing is the home page for existing SPAs and where all new SPAs are created.

The page displays all approved, draft, and ready for approval SPAs created through the platform or via the contract import tool.

SPAs listing

Viewing your contracts in the SPAs listing page, you will be able to review the following:

  • SPA reference: The reference either created by your organization, or generated automatically at the time of the SPA set up. Clicking on the reference opens the individual SPA in a new tab.
  • Agreement name: A description of your contract used to identify SPAs at a top level.
  • Dates: The start and end date of the contract.
  • Period: Indicates what period the SPA is (e.g. Period 1, Period 2, Period 3). If a SPA has been edited to have a new period, then the SPA will appear on the listing page multiple times for each period it has. Learn more about SPA periods here.
  • Distributor/Manufacturer: The relevant distributor or manufacturer on the contract.
  • End-customer(s): The selected end-customers or any end-customer depending on the selection made on the contract.
  • Contract status: The current status of each contract.
  • Draft: SPA is in progress, and not all mandatory fields are completed. Transactions will not be matched to this SPA, and support will not be calculated or accrued until the SPA has been approved. Once all mandatory fields have been completed and saved, the status will automatically change to Ready for approval.
  • Ready for approval: SPA has all required fields filled out, and is pending an approved state. Transactions will not be matched to this SPA, and support will not be calculated or accrued until the SPA has been approved. Find out how to approve a SPA here.
  • Approved: SPA is active, and is accruing support based on transactions that have been imported and matched to the SPA.

How to filter SPAs

The search bar allows you to refine the listing by searching a SPA reference or agreement name.

Additional filters can be used to narrow down results. The filters available are:

  • Trading partners (Distributors or Manufacturers): Search based on trading partners you hold agreements with by typing the trading partner reference or name. Click to select one or multiple trading partners.
  • End-customers: Search based on end-customers you hold agreements with by typing the end-customer reference or name. Click to select one or more end-customers.
  • Contract status: Filter by Draft, Ready for approval, and Approved agreements.
  • Dates: Filters agreements within specified start and end dates.
  • Show active only: When enabled, only approved agreements which are valid for the current date are shown.
  • Show expiring only: When enabled, only approved agreements which are expiring in the next 60 days are shown.

To clear all existing filters, simply click Reset to show the default SPAs listing.

SPAs listing - how to filter SPAs

How to download SPAs

Within the SPAs listing, select any number of SPAs using the tick boxes on the left, or select all by ticking at the top of the column. The Download CSV button will then download your agreements in the full SPA template format, including details of the support mechanisms, pricing mechanisms, and support inclusions.

SPAs listing - how to download SPAs

What’s next?

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