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Single view of trading programs

The single view of trading programs was created to make it easy to organize, control and monitor your trading programs. This area primarily consists of a list which contains a range of information on each trading program, such as the reference, workflow status, start and end dates, whether you’re subscribed to the trading program, and if there are any unread comments. You can also search this listing based on various fields such as ID, reference, trading partner, and the user who last updated the program. Filtering is also possible in most of the available fields. This new listing serves as a great, centralized place to keep all your agreements and to quickly filter to find the correct one.


Collaborators also have access to the single view of trading programs. This unified view allows for more precise discussions between you and your trading partners because you will both be referring to a similar interface. This also means you can send links directly to your collaborators about the exact agreement you want to discuss (or vice versa) because the URLs are exactly the same.

Creating a trading program

Access Trading programs through the Enable Apps page or directly via your organizational link. Click on the 'List' tab, this will bring you to a page with all your Trading programs.

To create a new program click the 'Create program' button and choose the trading partner, then click next. You'll be brought to a trading programs settings page, where you can set up the details of your trading program. For in-depth instructions, see Setting up a trading program.

Replicating Programs from within Single View

It is also possible to replicate and activate a trading program directly from single view. To do this simply search for the program you want to replicate, click on the program, then click the elipsis located at the bottom of the screen and replicate.

You'll be given the option to replicate for the current period or next period. You will also be prompted to either replicate as a proposal or fully active program. Select the relevant option and click 'OK'. If there is an automatic workflow set up, it's only possible to replicate as a proposal.

We’ve begun to roll out our new single view of trading programs to the Trading Programs application.

As before the trading partner page that will display information about the trading partners that you have in trading programs.


You will now, though, have a few different options at the bottom of the page:

View trading programs – This button will take you to our list view and apply filters to view the active trading programs of the selected trading partner.

View proposals – This button will take you to our list view and apply filters to view the proposals of the selected trading partner.

There are more options available under the three dots. If you click on these you can do the following:

Invite collaborators – This button will take you to the collaborator page for the selected trading partner where you can manage the current collaborators or invite more.

Send message – This button is linked to our messaging functionality, and clicking it will take you to the Messages app where you can contact the selected trading partner through one the 3 message backlogs (Finance & Commercial, Marketing & Planning or Product Information).

For more information on the Messages app please view the help center article.

If you have any feedback or questions about our single view of trading programs, please raise a ticket on our ticketing system cello.

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