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Delete a trading program

Only Client admin users can delete programs once they are active or archived. Client users may archive programs - read our article on archiving programs. We recommend archiving programs over deleting them, so that you can still view their details or restore them in the future.

To delete a trading program permanently, you will first need to select a trading program within the relevant trading partner's trading program listing (being careful to click on the correct one!) and then click the Delete button.


As shown above, you will be prompted to confirm your decision, as deleting a trading program will remove all terms items and any program lines or program line series within the trading program.

Once you have confirmed that you wish to proceed, it will queue the delete operation to be processed in the background. After a short time, you will be informed that the trading program has been removed.

Single view of Trading Programs

You can also delete Trading Programs from the Single view of Trading Programs (under the List (Beta) tab). You can select up to 4 programs to delete at a time, then open the menu by '{X} programs selected' and click Delete.

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