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Workflow updates to take the strain off approvals



Our May Enable update is now available within your UAT (user acceptance testing) environment. This provides the perfect opportunity to test newly introduced features, solution improvements and performance enhancements.

Enable’s proactive approach to Enable updates ensures that our software is constantly being improved and enhanced. Working within 6-week development cycles means we can deliver regular updates to you in easy to manage bitesize portions. Our methodology ensures that all of our clients are free to concentrate on their core business, whilst we focus on keeping the key software platforms maintained to the highest standard. This newsletter provides an overview of our latest Enable update.

Screenshot of the DealTrack dashboard.

As well as research-led development based on current market demands, many of our updates result from feedback received from our clients. Any feedback, positive or negative, that you have on Enable can be submitted via email to Our dedicated Client Services team will be on hand to answer any queries you may have.

When is the update deployed?

Our latest update was deployed to your UAT environment on 18th May 2018 and is now available for testing. (This UAT environment is separate to your Live environment and provides a suitable testing platform without any risk to the integrity of your live data).

The UAT process will last for approximately 5 weeks. During this time you will be able to try out the new features and give us your feedback. The update will be deployed to your live Enable environment on 27th June 2018.

New features by request

This update contains a combination of new features, feature enhancements and performance improvements. The majority of these changes will be deployed as standard to your Enable system. There are however, certain new features and enhancements described in this document which are only available by request, as they require additional configuration in order to be applied to your Enable system.

Please contact a member of your Client Services team for more information.

What’s new?

General features and enhancements

Ability to edit processed deals

Deals flagged as “processed” are now able to have their end dates altered. As long as the containing scheme is unlocked, the end date of a deal can be changed to any date after the end date of the most recent deal line relating to that deal that has cash allocated to it.

Screenshot of the DealTrack deal edit screen, showing an editable End Date field.

Enhancements to the “Include True-Up Groups” setting

Changes have been made to settings relating to “True-up Groups”. If you do not have the “Include True-up Groups” setting enabled, you will no longer see a “Group ID” column and “Group ID” filter for Deal Earnings reports and Daily Earnings reports. This has change has been made to remove redundant functionality for users who do not use the “Include True-up groups” setting. If you do have the “Include True-Up Groups” setting enabled, then you will see no change to your previous functionality.

Workflow report – scheme type version filter

A new field has been added to enable filtering by scheme type and version. This field is a multi-select list that will appear before the workflow status field, with all items selected as the default criteria.

Screenshot of the DealTrack workflow search screen showing the Schme Type Version filter.

Workflow report – Workflow status selector

The workflow status search box has been converted into a multi-select field providing you are using a single set of workflow statuses. If you are using multiple sets of workflow statuses, then the field will remain a search field and if no workflow has been configured for any scheme types, then the field will be hidden.

Screenshot of the DealTrack workflow search screen showing the Workflow Type filter with all options selected.

Logout redirection

You now have the option to request a URL redirect to be configured upon logout. This is only available if single sign-on is enabled for your instance of Enable. Please contact if you would like more information on getting this configured.

What’s coming up?


In line with Enable’s commitment to release an Enable update every six weeks, our next update will be deployed for testing within your UAT environment on 29th June, with deployment to your Live environment to take place on 7th August.

What we’ve got planned

As part of our June update, we will be making further performance optimisations and platform enhancements. Alongside this, we will be looking to introduce new functionality, as well as enhancing existing Enable features. Further details of our next update will be provided as part of the June ’18 Enable update.

If you have any questions regarding our current or upcoming Enable updates, please contact your Client Services team at

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