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Tackling user timeouts and a brand new dimension item mapping feature available in September’s updates



Our September Enable update is now available within your UAT (user acceptance testing) environment. This provides the perfect opportunity to test newly introduced features, solution improvements and performance enhancements.

Enable’s proactive approach to Enable updates ensures that our software is constantly being improved and enhanced. Working within 6-week development cycles means we can deliver regular updates to you in easy to manage bitesized portions. Our methodology ensures that all of our clients are free to concentrate on their core business, whilst we focus on keeping the key software platforms maintained to the highest standard. This newsletter provides an overview of our latest Enable update.

Screenshot of the DealTrack dashboard

As well as research-led development based on current market demands, many of our updates result from feedback received from our clients. Any feedback, positive or negative, that you have on Enable can be submitted via email to Our dedicated Client Services team will be on hand to answer any queries you may have.

When is the update deployed?

Our latest update was deployed to your UAT environment on 21st September 2018 and is now available for testing. This UAT environment is separate to your Live environment and provides a suitable testing platform without any risk to the integrity of your live data.

The UAT process will last for approximately 5 weeks. During this time you will be able to try out the new features and give us your feedback. The update will be deployed to your Live Enable environment on 30th October 2018.

New features by request

This update contains a combination of new features, feature enhancements and performance improvements. The majority of these changes will be deployed as standard to your Enable system. There are however, certain new features and enhancements described in this document which are only available by request, as they require additional configuration in order to be applied to your Enable system.

Please contact a member of your Client Services team for more information.

What’s new?

User timeout notification

Users are logged out automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity for security reasons, however it was not always obvious to the end user why they were logged out. To improve this, users are now presented with a notification message when they are one minute away from being timed out due to inactivity.

Screenshot of the DealTrack dashboard showing a notification telling the user that they are one minute away from being timed out due to inactivity

Homepage performance improvements

Performance improvements have been made to enhance the loading speed of Enable's homepage. The recent activity log will now load after the rest of the dashboard page has loaded to reduce initial page load time.

Calculated net spend changes

Changes have been made to the way in which net spends are calculated. These changes will only be evident if automatic approval workflow is part of your Enable solution. If you would like to find out more about automatic approval workflow, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

The enhancement to the calculation of net spend has been made, so that during the calculation of rebate, earnings where the parent scheme is a proposal, will no longer be included. This has the effect of ensuring that the net spend values only include earnings from active or interim schemes.

Scheme signatories

Changes have been made to the scheme signatories functionality within automated workflow. These changes will only be visible if automatic approval workflow is part of your Enable solution. If you would like to find out more about automatic approval workflow, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

If a “Client First Role” signatory contains more than one member, then the signatory will be the member that is flagged as the lead user for the supplier.

If a “Client Final Role” signatory contains more than one member, then the signatory will be the member that is associated with the lead division for the supplier.

If multiple members meet the above criteria, but no lead user can be determined, the system will use the first member (from those that meet the criteria) based on surname ascending. If no candidate signatories match, then the signatory will be left blank.

Dimension item mapping

In Enable, dimension items are used to link deals to turnover which allow earnings to be calculated at this granular level. A new dimension item mapping feature has been developed to support you if you wish to move to a different source system for one or more of your dimensions by allowing both new and old references to be used in parallel. If this is of interest, please contact your Client Services Manager to discuss this functionality in more detail.

This entire functionality will be optionally enabled or disabled at the client level by an Enable system administrator, and will be disabled by default.

Screenshot of DealTrack showing the Dimension Item Mapping screen.

If configured, administrators will be able to map new dimensions against existing values within the system.

Watchlist app

We have continued to make enhancements to the watchlist app to improve certain reports and calculations based on client feedback. These enhancements will only be visible if the watchlist app is part of your Enable solution. If you would like to find out more about the watchlist app, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

The watchlist app excel report download currently contains two tabs. Both tabs have now been enhanced to include a “Note” column which will contain the note that was entered by the user when setting the accrual band for the deal to which the report row relates.

“Earnings at risk” and “Earnings to gain” calculations have also be updated to ensure they continue to use the accrual band selected by a user rather than the actual band, even if the actual band is higher.

What’s coming up?


In line with Enable’s commitment to release an Enable update every six weeks, our next update will be deployed for testing within your UAT environment on 2nd November, with deployment to your Live environment to take place on 13th December.

What we’ve got planned

As part of our November update, we will be making further performance optimisations and platform enhancements. Alongside this, we will be introducing a series of new functionality, as well as enhancing existing Enable features. Here’s what you can expect in the next cycle.

UI change to UAT environment

A visual marker will be added to the Enable UAT environment that indicates to users that they are using the UAT instance of Enable. It will be clear to the user across all pages of the UAT instance of Enable that they are using the UAT version.

Activity log enhancements

Changes will be made to the activity log, which is accessible to your administrator users. These will be for deal mechanisms which employ the following plugins: External earnings, Apportioned external earnings, Fixed amount or Apportioned fixed amount.

Dimension display controls

A new configuration setting will be available to be configured by Enable administrators, to manage whether the selection rule functionality is displayed for the corresponding dimension within the add / edit deal page’s dimension item selection pane. This could simplify the configuration of deals for your end users by limiting selection rule configuration on relevant dimensions.

System-wide changes to reports date formats

To continually improve consistency across the Enable platform we will make enhancements to date formats within reports. This will improve the compatibility of downloaded reports with any other tools you may use.

Final earnings indicator

There will be a new feature which will allow a user to mark a deal’s earning as final when the deal mechanism uses either the External earnings or Apportioned external earning plug-ins. This will be achieved through a new “External earnings” page available from the Browse menu.

Scaled accrual earnings enhancements

An enhancement will be made to the scaled accrual earnings replication process to be compatible with certain client specific scenarios.

Changes to payment history report

The payment history report which is currently available within the Cash App, will have two new columns added to both the UI and download versions. The columns will be labelled “VAT” and “Payment method”. These will display the “VAT” value entered and “Payment method” option selected when recording a new receipt.

Net spend recalculation triggers

New triggers have been identified and will be setup in Enable for the recalculation of the net spend for a scheme. This will only be evident if you use automatic approval workflow. These additional triggers include when a deal is deleted and when there are modifications to client divisions. There will also be an indication within the UI when net spend calculations are pending.

If you have any questions regarding our current or upcoming Enable updates, please contact your Client Services team at

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