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Using Progress Tracker views

Progress Tracker offers a number of views to allow you to filter data down to the information which will be most beneficial for you and your organization. To learn more about this core functionality, see our guides on What is Progress Tracker and How to use Progress Tracker.

View filters

Clicking the View button in the top right of the Progress Tracker page will allow you to view your data in a variety of ways.

Clicking on a View tile will update the data on the main screen as below:

  • Purchases - This is the default view which orders trading partners by value of transactions.
  • Rebates - Orders trading partners by value of rebates, i.e. the most earned rebate to the least.
  • Line opportunity - Orders program lines by opportunity score, from the greatest to least opportunity for you to quickly view and action those which are going to be most beneficial to progress as a priority.
  • Advanced - Allows different ordering and selections to be made.

Below the View tiles, the following configurable options can be set:

  • Currency - If your Enable channel uses more than 1 currency, selecting a currency here will only display program lines configured in that currency.
  • Actual or effective transactions - Selecting effective transactions will display figures net of discounts and deductions.

Tip: Target bands are net of deductions and discounts. Take this into consideration when analysing key figures such as opportunity scores and to next band spend.

  • Simplified or detailed values - Simplified will round values to the nearest 3 significant figures.

Tip: The ability to see detailed figures is important, especially when trying to ensure targets have been met (and not narrowly missed by a minimal monetary amount!). However, having the simplified figures option gives you a cleaner overview of your agreements when detailed values are not needed.

Advanced View

Advanced views can be used to refine the data you see in Progress Tracker, including table customisations and other filters.

  • Search by partners - Filter for only specific trading partners to appear in your Progress Tracker data.
  • Persist partner selection to Executive Dashboard - When ticked, the trading partners selection will be maintained if the saved view is selected in the Opportunities section in Executive Dashboard.
  • Include indirect transactions and rebate earnings - If your Enable channel uses indirect rebates, use this toggle to determine if indirect rebates are included in the trading partner headline tiles.
  • Group program lines by trading partner data (e.g. supplier/customer data) - When ticked, choose whether to group program lines by trading partner name, purchases, or rebate.
  • Table program lines - Choose how to order data displayed: by opportunity, program line transactions, program line rebate, start date or end date (of the program line).
  • Dimension filters - Allows you to select dimension items, either directly or via attribute values, and filters Progress Tracker to only show program lines that contain ANY of the selected dimension items in the qualifying dimension item selection.

Tip: This can provide additional insights, for example if you purchase the same product from multiple suppliers, to see which rebate program would be most beneficial to purchase through.

Note: This filter will not filter down any of the figures. It simply hides program lines that don’t have any of the selected dimension items in the qualifying dimension item selection.

  • Show non-targeted program lines - When ticked, all program lines will appear in Progress Tracker, regardless of whether a targeted mechanism is used.
  • Show ended program lines - When ticked, data includes program lines which are past their end date.

My saved views

A specific filter choice can be saved by selecting the required advanced filters then clicking the ‘Save as new view’ button.

Alternatively, the + button next to ‘My saved views’ will save the filter options currently shown.

Saved view names can be edited using the pencil icon, or deleted using the bin icon.

Up to 10 saved views can be added by each user. Saved views used here also transfer into the opportunities section in Executive Dashboard, using the Persist partner selection to Executive Dashboard advanced view setting.

Tip: Try using saved views to quickly reuse sets of filters you commonly use together. A saved view could also be bookmarked in your browser for easy access to review your Progress Tracker data.

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