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Calculating rebate based on price lists

Enable’s Pricing app enables you to configure prices for each of your dimension items and trading partner combinations. This allows Enable to represent program lines where the amount of rebate earned for a transaction line is directly dependent on a price agreed between trading entities. This is particularly useful for contract support program lines, where a price is negotiated between the contractor, the distributor and the supplier.

The Pricing app allows you to:

  • Review and manage a list of price list versions.
  • Download and view the current list of prices that are configured for each of your price list versions.
  • Upload new lists of prices.
  • Use the associated mechanism to calculate rebate based on price lists.

Price lists

A price list is a group of prices that share the same name, the same currency and which operate over the same combination of dimensions and optionally trading partners.

The price lists page allows you to browse your price lists and view a summary of their details.

For example, a price list may be the ‘Catalog Price in USD’, which operates purely over a single products dimension, where each product in the catalog has a price in USD.


Client administrators can configure price lists within the Pricing tab within the Structure configuration menu. As a client administrator you can:

  • Create a new price list version.
  • Download a template to specify the prices for your selected price list version. This CSV file will contain a row for each combination of eligible dimension items and trading partners for your price list.
  • Upload a CSV file to populate the prices for your price list version.
  • Delete price list versions that are no longer needed.

Users will be able to manage multiple price lists, each with its own combination of dimensions. Price lists have one or many versions to track the changing of prices over time. To delete a price list you must first remove all of its versions and then archive it.

Price list versions

Price lists have price list versions, which are a group of price list entries that have the same start date. An example of a price list version may be Q1 Prices with a Start Date of 01/01/2019.

The start date determines when the price list entries in the price list version become active. Only one price list version will be considered active for a particular date (i.e. the start dates of two price lists will not overlap). Price list versions do not have end dates - some program lines will be locked to specific versions and others will use the latest (version with the latest start date).

Selecting a price list will navigate to the price list page, which displays any details about the price list and also shows the versions that have been created. Here, you can create more price list versions, edit existing ones (only name and start date) and also delete them.


Users can download a populated CSV template containing the combinations of dimension items or trading partners and then enter the price for each combination. The updated file can then be uploaded into Enable to import pricing entries.

The system will validate the uploaded file and expects the structure and rows to be the same as the template file generated by the system. If an error is encountered, an error message will be displayed on the page. An error report will also be prepared which will be the original file with an additional error column to specify the exact error and the line on which it occurred.

The missing entries figure shows the number of price list entries for a version that have no associated price.

Fixed percentage of price mechanism

The 'Fixed percentage of price' mechanism utilizes the prices that are configured within a price list to determine the earnings for a program line. A detailed overview of the mechanism can be viewed here.

If you have questions or would like more information on the Pricing app, please book an appointment with a member of our Customer Success team.

If you would like the Pricing app enabled, please get in contact with your Customer Success Manager.

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