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Identifying risks and opportunities with Watchlist

The Watchlist app is an optional application within Enable that highlights targeted program lines which:

  • Present an opportunity for proactive spending in order to obtain a higher earnings band; or
  • May be at risk of missing an earnings band if the forecasted spend is not achieved.

The Watchlist app consists of four tabs:

  • Opportunities
  • Risks
  • Download
  • Settings

A full breakdown of all areas of functionality available within the Watchlist app can be found in the rest of this article.

Important to note is that the Watchlist app works based off the accruals you have set for your targeted or tiered program lines. If accruals are not set, then these program lines will not appear in the Watchlist app. You can either set these accruals manually on the program line, or automatically if you're using the Forecasting module. If you're looking for a high-level overview of how you're progressing towards spending targets, then you're looking for Progress Tracker.


Within the Opportunities tab, there is a tile per trading partner which is displayed in descending order of the value of earnings impact for the biggest opportunity within the trading partner. The earnings impact are the earnings to be gained if the band above the accrual band is reached. The spend required is the additional spend above the forecasted which drives the selection of the accrual band.  


Clicking on a trading partner tile shows a listing of that trading partner’s targeted program lines. Clicking on a trading partner shows a listing of targeted program lines in the same way as the Risks tab.



The Risks tab shows a tile per trading partner which is displayed in descending order of the value of earnings impact for the biggest risk within the trading partner. Only the trading partners which you have access to trading programs for, according to your access settings configured by your admin, will be displayed here.

The spend required is the shortfall in spending which results in the accrual band being narrowly missed which result in an accompanying earnings impact.


You may notice in the top right-hand corner there is a view my team's responsibilities switch. This means that the only trading partners and trading programs which will appear in the tiles will be those which members of your team are responsible for as a trading program lead. Users can configured as a line manager for other users via the line-manager-to-user hierarchy. More can be found on this here.

When a trading partner is expanded, the program line rows within that trading partner will be displayed in descending order of earnings impact.


Each program line row has a View bands option which displays a view of the program line's transaction bands where actual (A), accrual (C) and forecast (F) bands are identified.


Each program line also displays a progress spend and progress time.

The progress spend indicates the percentage progress towards your predicted spend. This will be in line with the targets for the program line. For a program line with monetary targets or a growth program line with a monetary baseline, this will be a monetary value, and for a program line with unit targets or a growth program line with unit baseline, this will be the forecast in units.

The progress time indicates the percentage progress through the program line in time and is based on the date of your most recent transaction. For example, if your program line spans from 1st January to 31st December, and your most recent transaction is for 1st July, your progress time will be roughly 50%.


It is possible for a user to download a csv file containing the Watchlist data. Once downloaded, the CSV data file contains one sheet for opportunities and one for risks. The data is not limited by the display limit set in the Settings tab.


Admin users will have access to the Settings tab within the Watchlist app and will be able to change the following settings:

  • Display limit · The display limit allows a user to enter a value that will limit the number of trading partners that will be shown in the Watchlist app. This display limit also applies to the My team’s responsibilities If no limit is set, all trading partners will be shown.
  • Opportunities threshold · Program line with an earnings impact above the opportunities threshold will have a green background within the Opportunities tab. If this threshold is not set, there will be no program line rows with a green background.
  • Risk threshold · Program line with an earnings impact below the risk threshold will have a red background within the Risks tab. If this threshold is not set, there will be no program line rows with a red background.

Users who are not admin users will not be able to view or access the Settings tab.

Additional Notes

Missing manual transaction forecast · If no manual forecast has been entered for a targeted program line, then the transaction target from the current accrual band is used in place of the manual forecast in all relevant calculations and for display in a program line row within the Watchlist app. If no manual forecast has been entered and there is no accrual band for the program line, then the program line will not be displayed in the UI, although it will still be represented by a row in the watchlist download.

To find out more information about this, or ask any queries you might have, please book an appointment with a member of our Customer Success team.

If you would like to have the Watchlist app enabled, please get in touch with you Customer Success Manager.

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