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Making things beta, one product update at a time

The release of Build Slot 3 is one of the most exciting yet! We are proud to announce that Messages is now LIVE and Organizations is in early beta! These new apps expand the possibilities within Enable and enrich the user experience within the environment.

These updates are already available to test in your UAT channel. Deployment to your Live channel will take place on Saturday, 19th of June.


Messages is the go-to place for seamless communication between you and your trading partners. Within Messages, you can share documents and links with your partners via tickets. These tickets act as a repository of correspondence either internal to your organization or externally between your organization and your trading partner's organization. This avoids emails being lost in inboxes and files being stored locally and allows information to be shared seamlessly between those that need to have access to it (e.g., between procurement and finance). We have begun to integrate Messages throughout Enable, adding helpful buttons to get to Messages, links to remove manual elements from the ticket creation process and suggestion text on message creation. We couldn't be more excited about the application, and we're eager to hear your feedback on it.

With Messages:

  • Real-time information is visible to all stakeholders;
  • A new stakeholder can be enrolled at any time without sifting through a chain of emails;
  • You can reduce the dependency on a single individual;
  • High-efficiency working practices are provided when dealing with large numbers of requests.

Look out for the message icon across the Enable platform.


We would be grateful to receive any feedback from you to help shape Messages' future development. If this sounds interesting, click here to read more about Messages, what it is and what you can use it for. Please get in touch with your Customer Success team if you would like a demo of the feature, or, alternatively, raise a ticket with your request.


Organizations is the backbone of B2B collaboration within Enable. The Organizations app has been running quietly in the background for many of you, enhancing functionality across Trading Programs, Tickets, Collaborator, and Messages. We can now announce that an early-stage beta test of its newest features is available in UAT.

Organizations allows for improved access to what matters most: your trading partners, and the deals you make with them. Gone are the days of scrounging for information on your customers or suppliers. Now, organizational data will be front and center, and you’ll be able to view your trading relationships, trading programs, and other relevant information more promptly than ever.

With this in mind, Organizations will become the hub for the actions most relevant to you within Enable, showing you the latest information you need quickly.  When entering Organizations you will be presented with a list of all Organizations ordered by the number of trading programs you have access within each. This allows you to quickly access the Organizations you are most interested in. This list can also be reordered alphabetically.


Within a specific Organization, you'll be able to review a summary of the Trading Programs you are involved with, Messages you've sent and received, and the latest transactions.


As it is a Beta feature, we are keen to get your feedback on Organizations. Please raise a ticket with us on Cello to share your thoughts.

Trading Programs

With recent updates to Trading Programs, Enable is following through on our commitment to ensuring that the process of creating trading programs and program lines is as easy as possible.

Enable has made changes to make trading programs more accessible and easier to manage. Previously, workflow emails for approving trading programs redirected users to the Collaborator app. Now, to simplify the process of signing-off agreements, those emails will link directly to that trading program. Additionally, embedded notifications have been implemented in the Trading Programs app to alert users of operations within Trading Programs.


Trading programs can now be marked as archived to help streamline your view of your programs. Archiving a program will prevent its program lines from being recalculated when transactions or dimension items change. Utilizing this feature will simplify your views and improve the performance of your channels, ensuring the data you need is accessible faster.

Archived trading programs will also not appear in your normal list of trading programs, in order to reduce visual clutter. These archived trading programs can be easily restored with the “Restore” button, to prevent accidental archiving or to reintroduce older trading programs. After this restoration, pending calculations will be queued to ensure the accuracy of the trading program.


The introduction of archiving is part of a larger effort to enhance the experience of using Trading Programs. We've made some behind-the-scenes tweaks to improve system performance for users with large data volumes; e.g., many branches or products. Automated transaction imports will also be expedited, and trading partner earnings from previous years will now be cached to improve the performance of the approval tab. These myriad changes will help Trading Programs users with high data volumes, but will also serve to benefit every user, from customer to collaborator.

Enable now also offers increased functionality for indirect rebates. Within the Fixed Unit Rate mechanism, you can select individual trading partners, and in the CSV download, a new column appears to account for trading partners with different dimension-specific rates. This column may be partially filled or even entirely omitted without producing an error when re-uploading, and Enable automatically checks to make sure that the dimension item is appropriate to the specified trading partner.

Finally, we have also made trading program PDFs available within the activity log when workflow is started. This means you have a lasting record of the original program configuration available to download for your records. This functionality also extends to the public API where you will now be able to download PDFs from the activity endpoint!

Also new in Trading Programs:

  • The Fixed Unit Rate mechanism will now support the selection of multiple trading partners, allowing indirect rebate earnings for this mechanism. Further, all unit rate mechanisms will have their decimal place allowance increased from 2 to 6, to permit more accurate rebate calculations;
  • Previously, dimension items within uploaded CSVs had to be validated as part of a single collection. Now, however, trading programs will support the upload of CSV files that specify dimension-specific rates for dimension items that belong to multiple collections;
  • We have resolved various minor issues that were detrimental to the user experience;
  • The payment allocation report will now display the trading partner's name when the report is run across a single trading partner.


Deals continues to evolve when it comes to Special Pricing Agreements (SPAs) and ad hoc deals. In this build slot, we have laid the foundations for the SPA rebate calculation system. When a SPA is approved, Enable will automatically calculate the rebate earned through that SPA using transaction data made available using the existing imports functionality, speeding up the process of calculating earnings. Currently, the earnings results will not be available through the user interface.

The Deals app has now been seamlessly integrated with the Enable's notification service, so you can keep up to date with the status of your SPAs wherever you are in the system.

Further integration between the Deals app and Trading Programs has been added. The Organization Deal Type for a deal is now pulled through to the payment allocation listing in the Finance app. Furthermore, price lists configured within the Pricing feature of Trading Programs are now accessible within the Deals application. This means you can configure price lists within Trading Programs, then use them for SPA calculations in the Deals app.

We have further improved the SPA creation wizard by updating its design to match the modern, user-friendly design of other configuration wizards throughout Enable.


The design of the B2B Deals listing has been reworked to display a canonical set of column parameters. When the listing is filtered to show ad hoc deals only, the columns available are adapted to show the most relevant information about your Deals.


A new download function will be available in the deals listing, allowing users to download a CSV file of the deals that adhere to their filter criteria for external use. The downloaded CSV's columns will match the columns in the UI, and it will include an additional cell that reports which filters were used as well as when the file was downloaded.

Finally, it is now easier to edit apportionment percentage against division, and tooltips have been added to disabled buttons to help you understand why they are disabled, and the actions required to enable them.

Also new in Deals:

  • A number of technical improvements have been made to optimize the usability of the Deals app;
  • The product groups dropdown will now only display product groups for the trading partner the ad hoc deal has been created for.

What's coming up?

In line with Enable's commitment to release a product update every six weeks, we have a ton of updates coming that will be ready to test in your UAT environment on Thursday, the 24th of June. Deployment to your Live environment will take place on Saturday, 31st of July.

Included in the next update:

  • We'll be rolling out the listing view of trading programs to other areas of Trading Programs.
  • Attribute-level targets - client members will be able to be assigned at dimension attribute level, rather than just dimension.
  • Customer rebates will benefit from attribute level target overrides within Trading Programs.
  • The Deals app will receive several workflow enhancements.

If you have any questions regarding our current or upcoming updates, please contact our Customer Success team at, or book an appointment with a member of our team. As always, you can log a ticket with any feedback or questions you have about the latest set of releases. We look forward to hearing from you!

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