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Boost productivity with advised earnings, flexible reporting and primary data sharing

Boosting productivity of your teams continues to be at the heart of our enhancements. Buildslot two of 2021 aims to do this through improvements to our reporting suite, changes in the program line setup UI, and making it easier than ever to share primary data through Collaborator.

These updates are already available to test in your UAT channel. Deployment to your Live channel will take place on Saturday, 8th of May.

Trading Programs 

The Trading Programs app has been updated with many new features, bringing value to you and your business.

User interface changes have been made so that setting up and editing trading programs becomes a breeze. Each configuration setting of a program line has been broken down into more logical sections. Each section is now collapsible so that it’s a much simpler task to view the configuration for a program line. This simple change represents a major improvement in the program line edit page's user experience, making the process easier to digest, particularly for new users.


We’ve been listening to your feedback, and it is now possible for the VAT label found within the Finance app to be changed. This will benefit users outside of the UK who would like to incorporate local terminology when recording receipts. The Customer Success team will be reaching out to you in due course to discuss this switch if applicable. 

We’ve also made improvements to the List view. Your trading programs users can now replicate and activate programs within a centralized location – negating the need for you to navigate around the system.

To increase the flexibility of transactions stored within Trading Programs, and as a foundation for our new Deals application, you will now be able to record Advised earnings against transaction lines. This will give you greater visibility of transaction reconciliation, allowing you to directly compare Enable’s calculations to your trading partner’s expectations. 

To facilitate this, when a CSV is downloaded from the transactions import page, it will now contain two more columns, Agreement ID and Advised earnings. These columns change the manual transaction upload. The columns are mandatory, but values are optional and so do not need to be populated.


As seen above, the Program earnings report now includes a new results type for advised earnings. This makes it easier for you to compare how you’re doing against your expectations.

We now provide the functionality to show/hide transactions with no results. This is particularly helpful for you as it acts as a way to identify just where you might be missing out on growth potential.

Further enhancements to the Program earnings report have been made with a new transaction type filter on the Program earnings report. This will allow you to include and compare multiple transaction types within a single report, providing you with further control and insight into the reported results.


Following the build in the last release, we have also provided additional support for indirect rebates within the system. A new view by option within Program earnings and Daily earnings reports allows you to select trading partner or trading partner attribute(s), breaking down the earnings of a program line to a more granular level. This lets you see just how much each trading partner contributes and earns on the agreement, helping you spot growth opportunities. You can find more information about indirect rebates within our help center.

Also new in Trading Programs: 

  • The interface in the terms tab has been updated when there are no items to display. 
  • Error messages have been updated to be more descriptive and user friendly.
  • We continue to streamline terminology and ensure that it is consistent throughout Enable. As such, the term Turnover  has been replaced with Transactions in the Forecasting and Watchlist apps, as it has already been done elsewhere.
  • UI/UX changes to the List view area so that button position and color schemes are more consistent with other parts of Enable.
  • Additional performance enhancements have been made to improve the dimension item selection.


We know how important Collaborator has been in improving relationships between you and your trading partners, whether it’s through submitting transactional data or signing off of trading agreements. 

Our Trading Partner Fed Data functionality has been vital for some of you, as it allows your partners to upload transactions directly to Enable. Following our latest update, collaborators will now be able to see dimension attributes in your master data if given the correct permissions. For example, if you had your trading partner's product reference as an attribute on your products it would be easier for your trading partners to reconcile their product references with yours. Contact your Enable Customer Success team to find out more about Trading Partner Fed Data and how it can impact your business. 


To facilitate a more user-friendly experience, when a new collaborator is added to the system, they will now automatically see a video tutorial in their welcome email. This tutorial will focus on areas the collaborator has access to and will dynamically change with their permissions. For instance, if a collaborator is given access to the Transactions module, a new video tutorial with instructions on how to use the module will be accessible by the collaborator. All these tutorials are available through our help center.

Also new in Collaborator: 

  • When increasing a collaborator’s permissions, a warning pop-up highlights what they can now do, informing the user of the change. Making it clear to you, what these changes mean.
  • Error message improvements.
  • Collaborators can now subscribe to programs too.


The Deals application continues to evolve to cover ad hoc deals and special pricing agreements (SPAs). In this build slot, we have been focusing predominantly on enhancing the Deals functionality, improving the accuracy and usability of the agreement set up.

SPAs now make use of a shared service to ensure that all directly or indirectly included products have mechanism values set before they can be approved. Products and product groups on SPAs will now respect the full inheritance hierarchy for determining their default mechanism values, if no value is explicitly set. In addition to this, indirect product inclusions are now respected the same as directly selected products for the following purposes:

  • Creating a Distributor Support Contract (DSC) or Customer Pricing Contract (CPC) from a template
  • Creating a SPA
  • Approving DSC, CPC, or SPA

We have also continued our work on finance functions involved in the end-to-end process of B2B Deal management, focusing on utilizing existing Trading Programs functionality and extending it to the Deals application. In this latest release, Receipts and Adjustments recorded against payment lines that belong to Ad Hoc Deals can now be seen in the Payment History area of your Trading Programs channel. This both increases usability of the system and speeds processes up. This will provide you with greater visibility when reviewing and recording payments owed/due.


Also new in Deals:

  • PDF design updated to be in line with branding across Enable.
  • UI/UX changes. 
  • Performance improvements across the platform.
  • Ability to configure deal types against Ad Hoc Deals and Special Pricing Agreements.


Just a friendly reminder that our Messages area is now ready to be used in your Live channel. This is a hub to have structured, topical discussions with your trading partners, making communication with them even easier. Feel free to get in touch with your Customer Success team if you would like a demo of the feature, or alternatively raise a ticket with your request.

Organizations - coming soon

We are currently working behind the scenes on an exciting area called Organizations. This is a visual area to view the trading partners you work with, in addition to key information. We have lots planned for this area which will be heavily integrated within the Enable Apps and make collaboration easier for you and your trading partners. Watch this space!

What’s coming up?

In line with Enable’s commitment to release a product update every six weeks, we have a ton of updates coming up that will be ready to test in your UAT environment on Thursday, 13th of May. Deployment to your Live environment will take place on Saturday, 19th of June.

Included in the next update:

  • Ability to archive trading programs as an alternative to deleting them, rendering them inactive and hence stop any recalculations running for them.
  • Support for reconciling Special Pricing calculations, as well as price list integration from Trading Programs.
  • Organizations: a visual area to view the trading partners you work making collaboration easier.

If you have any questions regarding our current or upcoming updates, please contact our Customer Success team at, or book a meeting with a member of our team. As always, you can log a ticket with any feedback or questions, you have about the latest set of releases. We look forward to hearing from you!

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