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Advanced reporting


Enable has an extensive reporting suite that surfaces a myriad of data insights into trading agreements. To supplement these reports, we have an Advanced reporting area that allows any data stored within Enable to be downloaded either ad-hoc or automatically on a schedule.


Due to the configurable nature of advanced reporting, you will be in the driving seat to determine how your reports can work best for you. You need only to reach out to your Customer Success Manager to express interest, and then your Customer Success team will discuss your requirements with you and configure a report for you.

Along with the content of the report, you can choose a name and description for your report and any criteria that you might want the report to run with. For example, you could filter the report to return results for just one of your trading partners. You can also define the schedule on which your advanced reports should be generated and who should be able to access them.

Once a report is configured, you can see it on the list of reports visible on the Advanced reporting tab. From here, you can select a report to run it on-demand or set up a schedule.


You can have as many advanced reports as you want, and every configured report will be shown in your Advanced reporting tab.


You can configure multiple schedules for each report. Each schedule configured on a report will run independently with a frequency of daily, weekly, or monthly, and you can select which day it will run if that's relevant. When configuring a schedule, you must input the criteria that will be used for that particular schedule (if applicable).

Each schedule must also have one or more subscribed users. If a report doesn't have any subscribed users, then no one will see the results. When the report runs, it will be placed into the My reports area for each of the subscribed users.

For every schedule, there is an option for push reporting. If this is enabled, an email will be sent to all subscribed users when the report is generated.

Getting started

If you have an idea for a data insight that you would like to gain from Enable, then please do reach out to your Customer Success team to get started. We like hearing about the various insights customers want to extract from Enable, and we look forward to making it possible.

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