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The generation of reports is handled in the background in order to allow the system to effectively manage resources. This means that when you preview or download a report, you are actually adding a task to generate the report to a queue of other tasks.

While Enable works through the queue of tasks and generates the report, a progress bar is displayed in the user interface. This approach gives you the option to either run a report and wait for the results to be displayed or navigate around the system and return to view your report results later.

If you stay on the Daily earnings tab after requesting to preview or download a daily earnings report for example, then you will be presented with the results once they are ready. If you navigate away from the page, you can view your report results later from within the My reports tab.

The results from all recently run reports can be viewed from the My reports tab. This page displays a list of your recent reports, and when they were run.


Selecting a report displays the criteria that is was run with, and gives the option to view the previewed results (as shown below) or download the full report.


Selecting a report and clicking the ellipsis and then selecting the Add to my favorites option will favourite the chosen report.


Favorited reports will appear at the top of the list allowing you to easily access selected reports. Favorited reports also will not expire saving you from manually re-creating the report.

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