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What if my program line doesn’t fit neatly into the frequency periods?

In some cases, your program lines will not run across exact periods as defined by your payment frequency. This situation is not a constraint and Enable will handle the payment line creation. It is important to understand this because it determines how your finance team can assign payments, make adjustments and report.

Firstly, if a program line end date does not correspond with a payment date, the final payment date will be the end date of the program line. For example, if the program line runs from Jan 1, 2021 to Feb 15, 2021 and 'Monthly' frequency is chosen. In this scenario the frequency implies you will get a period of Jan 1 to Jan 31 and Feb 1 to Feb 29. However, because the program finishes before this second period ends the two periods which will be available within the Finance App to action against are Jan 1 to Jan 31 and Feb 1 to Feb 15.

For the same program line running from Jan 1, 2021 to Feb 15, 2021, if 'Quarterly', 'Six Monthly', or 'Annual' are chosen, there will be one payment period at the end of the program line, Feb 15, 2021. Note that Enable matches lines to the standard calendar year, not the financial year. Therefore, these frequencies create periods that are three months, six months, and one year long respectively.  

The start date of a program line can also affect the payment date. If we start our program line on Jan 3, 2021 and it runs to Dec 31, 2021, this changes the effect of the 'Monthly' payment frequency option. Now, the first payment period is on Feb 2, 2021, the next on Mar 2, 2021 and so on. Thus, the system measures one month from the start date of the program line, it does not default to the end or beginning of the month. The 'Six Monthly' option works the same way, so in this example we would have a payment period end on Jul 2, 2021. Note that the 'Quarterly' option counts three months from the start date of the program line.

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