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What do the 'A', 'C', and 'F' stand for in the target bands?

Target bands are set in targeted deals. When a trading program becomes fully signed, the A, C, and F will appear.

A - actual band achieved. Enable will automatically allocate the A to the correct target band;

C - the accrual band. You need to manually set the accrual band;

F - the band that is forecasted to be achieved.

If these are "Unallocated" it means that there currently is no target band that has this status. The 3 options for unallocated statuses are:

  • An unallocated A : if the first band is not achieved (i.e. if the actual transactions are less than any configured transaction bands). For example, if there is a program line that has a single target band for £2,000. Then if the actual qualifying transactions for that program line are less than £2,000, then the A will be unallocated.
  • An unallocated C : if no accrual band is set. An accrual band can be set by selecting "Set accrual" for one of the configured target bands. For further information on setting an accrual band, go to our FAQs article.
  • An unallocated F : if the forecast transactions for the program line is less than any of the target bands.
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