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Why can't I see a dimension item when selecting in a program line?

If you can't see the dimension item that you're after when making your selections for a program line, there could be a few reasons behind this. You should check the following to see if any of these are the cause of the problem.

1. The start and end dates of the dimension item are not valid.

When uploading your dimension items, you have the option to set start and end dates for the dimension item. These dates will be the dates for which the dimension item can be chosen. For example, a product might no longer be sold after 2019-12-31, in which case this product will not be available for choosing in a program line which runs across 2020.


2. The item sits under a different trading partner.

If you cannot find the desired item, this might be because it sits under a different trading partner. When setting up a dimension, it is specified whether this will sit at a trading partner level or client level. One example of a dimension which typically sits at the trading partner level is products, since different trading partners sell different goods. Client admins can check what operating level dimensions sit at by going into Config>Structure>Dimensions. You can find more on this here.

3. The dimension item has not been allocated to a collection.

To allocate the dimension item to a collection, the item needs to have all of its dimension attributes populated for that collection. If they have not been populated, the dimension item will not appear in the listing and hence cannot be chosen for selection in a program line. This can be checked by going into Config>Structure>Dimensions and viewing the collection(s) associated with that dimension. There will be a little green dot in the allocated column if this item has been allocated to this collection. For more on collections, click here.


4. The product does not exist within Trading Programs.

The reason why you cannot pick that dimension item could be something as simple as the dimension item not existing in Trading Programs. To check whether this is the case, you can go to Config>Structure>Dimensions and view the dimension items for the relevant dimension. If you search for the item and it does not appear here, it means it does not exist and you will need to add it to the system. More on this can be found here.

If you are still having issues selecting the correct dimension items for your program lines, you can raise a helpdesk ticket and our Customer Success Team will be more than happy to assist you.

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