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Streamline your processes with advanced scheme sign off and new copy proposal functionality

August’s update introduces some exciting new concepts including copying proposals and the ability to sign off schemes on other users’ behalf. We also have a new feature offering all users the opportunity to configure their own scheme PDF branding.


What’s new?

General Enable updates

‘Sign off on behalf of’ functionality

A new optional feature can be configured by Enable administrators which will allow you to select another user that workflow is currently ‘waiting on’ in order to sign off the scheme on their behalf.

Once configured the ‘sign off on behalf of’ functionality can be performed within the approval workflow area permissions, as well as the executive summary view of the approval hierarchy.

This feature is only available as part of Enable's optional automatic workflow feature and will only be configured by request. If you would like to learn more about automatic workflow, please contact your Customer Success Manager.


Copy proposal

A new ‘Copy’ button has been added to the proposals tab of the deals module, located in between the ‘Activate’ button and ‘Delete’ button. This will allow you to make a copy of a proposal scheme in a similar way that you can create a replica of an active scheme.


The possible range of fixed percentages

An enhancement has been made to fixed % rate deals so that you can now set a percentage rate of equal to or less than -100% and equal to or above 100%. A new warning message will be displayed if you attempt to save a deal with a percentage outside of the range -100% to 100%.


A number of updates have been made to the general user experience of Enable. This includes:

  • Increased in-built help content when creating deals
  • Enhanced help content for deal mechanisms
  • Homepage banner improvements
  • Label changes to make Enable more bilateral for both supplier and customer rebates


A number of enhancements have been implemented for Enable's Forecasting module. These include the introduction of automatic forecasting, deal recalculation enhancements and UI updates.

Forecasting is an optional feature, if you would like to find out more please contact your Customer Success Manager.



Enable are continuing work on the Collaborator module.

Collaborator is an Enable initiative aimed initially at providing people associated with trading partners with the ability to log in to an app and view the schemes they have with numerous Enable clients in one place.

Updates for admin users

Simplified scheme PDF branding

A new configuration area can be made available within Config > Structure titled Schemes. This area will be accessible by your admin users, with the purpose of enabling you to ‘self-serve’ various configuration aspects of a scheme. For now, only a Branding section will exist under the new Schemes area.

In order to configure the branding of your scheme PDF, the following settings will be provided within the admin area:

  • Primary colour;
  • Company logo.

A preview section will be provided for you to receive feedback on what a scheme PDF may look like as a result of your configuration.


This feature will not be available by default. If you would like this feature enabled, please contact our Client Services team.

Searching in the collections tab

‘Contains’ type search functionality will be added to the trading partner filter that appears when a dimension sits at the trading partner operating level.


Automated imports

Improvements have been made to Enable's automated imports functionality, making the process more resilient and improving performance.

What’s coming up?

In line with Enable’s commitment to release an Enable update every six weeks, we have a tonne of updates coming up and will be ready to test in your UAT environment on 20th September. Deployment to your Live environment will take place on 1st November.

Multi trading partner reporting

It will be possible for Enable administrators to configure Enable to allow reports to include multiple trading partners.

‘Can set accrual bands’ option

If enabled, a Client Administrator will be able to configure for each user if the user can edit the accrual bands for all deals they have edit access to. If this setting is not enabled then the system will allow anyone with edit access to a deal to edit the accrual bands.

If a user has edit access to a deal but does not have permission to change the accrual bands then the user will be presented with a read-only view of the accrual bands.

Debtors report download aggregation levels

We will be making some updates to the Debtors Report. It will be possible to specify the level of aggregation when downloading a Debtors Report between schemes, deals or deal lines.


A number of further enhancements are planned for Enable's Forecasting module.

Forecasting is an optional feature, if you would like to find out more please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Overnight calculation of large reports

If it is known that a report is going to take a long time to generate it will be generated overnight. The user will be presented with a message if this is going to be the case.

If you have any questions regarding our current or upcoming Enable updates, please contact your Client Services team at

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