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June's updates make Enable more intuitive and user friendly than ever

June’s updates cover a wide range of topics including integration with material from the Enable Help Center, advances in scheme replication and enhancements to the Forecasting module, to name just a few. Continue reading to see exactly what we've changed.


What’s new?

General Enable updates

Help center integration

We have now integrated the Enable Help Center into more areas of Enable. You can access a help side-bar from any page by clicking the Help icon in the top right corner of your screen. From this side-bar you can search for help content and raise a support request which will be sent directly to our Client Services team.


Deal shortcut from the homepage

To help you get started as soon as possible, we’ve added a new Create a deal shortcut to the homepage. Clicking this will prompt you to select a scheme, which will take you directly to the ‘Deal create’ page.

Homepage banner

A banner has been created for the homepage so that Enable can pass on useful information to Enable users, such as our regular product updates as shown below.


Range validation of dates to deals and schemes

Additional validation has been added to the dates on deals and schemes to prevent dates being saved outside the possible range supported by the database.

Background and performance updates

Selection rule job deadlocks

Work has been undertaken to prevent selection rule jobs deadlocking when processing.

Security update

We’ve updated a number of external packages, including the latest version of jQuery to include the latest security patches.

Live and Staging / UAT Database Segregation

Enhancements have been made to the database hosting environment, where previously the Live and Staging / UAT databases were hosted together. To improve the stability of the system, we have now migrated the Staging / UAT databases to their own resource.

Scheme replication enhancements

Automatically Replicating Schemes as Proposal

It is now possible to have your Enable instance configured so that schemes that are created by automatic replication will be created as either active, proposal, or interim schemes. Previously, it was only possible for these schemes to be replicated as either interim schemes or active schemes.

Active schemes are your schemes in Enable which are earning rebate. Proposal schemes are in the process of being negotiated. Interim schemes are locked schemes that are intended for use as a placeholder while a new agreement is negotiated. They are an exact replica of a previous scheme that cannot be edited. The intention is that these schemes will be replaced when a proposal scheme for the period is activated.

If your instance of Enable is not configured to use interim schemes, you will no longer see any reference to interim schemes within Enable. Please enquire via our Support Hub if you are interested in having interim schemes configured.

Replication of fully signed schemes

It is now possible to have your Enable instance configured so that schemes that are not fully signed are eligible for automatic replication.

Replication of schemes with manual workflow

Enhancements have been made regarding default workflow statuses. Schemes that are replicated to proposal schemes and have manual workflow will now have their workflow status set to the default workflow status for that scheme type version.

Preventing repeat automatic replication

Some additional logic has been added in Enable to ensure that a scheme which is replicated by the automatic replication process can only be replicated once as an interim scheme, once as a proposal scheme and once as an active scheme.

Updates for admin users

Filtering views in processing area

As an admin user, you are now able to filter both the Calculation Queue and the Calculation History tabs. These lists can be filtered by several criteria, such as reason queued or priority level. The calculation count in each tab will display the number of calculations matching the given filters.

Expanding calculation history

We’ve extended the functionality of the Calculation History tab. For the following calculation types, it will show one row per calculation completed in the past 24 hours:

  • Completed scheme levels calculations;
  • Completed baseline earnings calculations;
  • Completed Watchlist app calculations.

In addition, reason queued and priority level columns will be added to the Calculation History tab.

Integrating Scheme Level Calculations Into the Deal Level Queue

Scheme level calculations can now be viewed within the Calculation Queue tabs. To facilitate this, the user interface has been altered; for example, each calculation job ID will be prefixed with either ‘D’ or ‘S’, depending on whether the calculation job is a ‘Deal’ or ‘Scheme’ level calculation respectively.


Cash App

The Cash App is an optional feature of Enable that allows you to record and track payments received from trading partners against Enable calculated earnings.

Changes have been made to the Debtor Report functionality within the Cash App. These changes will only be visible if the Cash App is part of your Enable solution. If you would like to find out more about the Cash App, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Subtotal row changes for debtor report download

The Debtors / Creditors Report download now contains a subtotal row for each supplier, even if there is only a single scheme represented for that supplier. As such, the sum of all subtotal rows will be equal to the sum of all non-subtotal rows in the download.

Baseline earnings

Baseline earnings are an optional extension to Enable that are available upon request. They are intended to be used while configuring a new scheme to provide early indication of the rebate implications of a given scheme configuration.

Changes have been made to the earnings functionality which is part of baseline earnings. These changes will only be visible if baseline earnings are part of your Enable solution. If you would like to find out more about baseline earnings, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Recalculate Baseline Earnings Improvements

When the baseline earnings of a scheme are being calculated, the existing Recalculate Baseline Earnings button will be disabled. Its text will also be updated to inform you which calculations are ongoing. Upon completion of the baseline earnings calculations, you will be informed that the calculations have finished. If you remain on the baseline page, the values on the page will be updated without needing to refresh.

Single sign-on (SSO)

The optional SSO functionality allows your business to let team members access Enable based on their session with an external identity provider. This means you can put the identity provider you already trust in charge of authentication, and team members can access Enable without another password to manage.

Changes have been made to the SAML configuration. This will only be available if SSO is part of your Enable solution. If you would like to find out more about setting up SSO for your Enable solution, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

SSO – Unique Entity ID

Enable administrators can now configure your Enable instance to enable a new Unique Entity ID option within the SAML configuration. This will assign that client an entity ID which includes the client code, allowing a single G-Suite instance to access multiple Enable instances.


As part of this update we have continued to develop Enable's Forecasting functionality. When configured, the Forecasting module will provide an area within Enable for a user to view and edit the forecasts for deal turnover and earnings. The forecasting output from this module will always be a forecast for a single deal’s period or for a set “forecast period”.


Forecast reporting — Client division ‘view by’ option

A new client division option is present in the ‘view by’ selection in the Forecast Earnings Report. This option will only be available if you have a client division dimension attribute configured. When this option is selected, the report will be aggregated by this configured dimension attribute. The report result will contain a row for each client division per period. The granularity of these results may be increased by selecting multiple ‘view by’ options.

Import default phasing values page — Client division basis

The ‘Import default phasing values’ page will now handle the client division option of the ‘Basis for default phasing periods’ setting. It is possible to upload default phasings per client division when this option is selected. The default phasings can be uploaded as a CSV file.


Integration of forecasting module with accrual earnings

A new deal level setting named ‘Use Forecasting Module for Accrual’ has also been introduced. Using this setting, the value of the deal’s total forecast will be taken from the Forecasting module, and the correct accrual band for this specific deal will be selected automatically. When the setting is deactivated, the accrual band will be deselected and the manual forecast value will be cleared. This setting will only be visible if you have the Forecasting module enabled.


Enable Collaborator

Enable have started work on a brand new Enable concept called Enable Collaborator.

Enable Collaborator (DTC) is an Enable initiative aimed initially at providing people associated with trading partners with the ability to log in to an app and view the schemes they have with numerous Enable clients in one place.

Other collaboration interactions between Enable clients and their trading partners are planned for the future, including ideas such as the sharing of forecasts, deal earnings statements and master data.

What’s coming up?

In line with Enable’s commitment to release a Enable update every six weeks, we have a tonne of updates coming up and will be ready to test in your UAT environment on 9th August. Deployment to your Live environment will take place on 20th September.

‘Sign off on behalf of’ functionality

A new option will be available within the approval workflow area for users with the appropriate permissions, as well as the executive summary view of the approval hierarchy. This option will allow you to select another user that workflow is currently ‘waiting on’ in order to sign off the scheme on their behalf.

Enable will generate audit log entries where a user has signed off a scheme on behalf of another user in an identical fashion to the current entries that are created when a user approves workflow

Scheme configuration enhancement

A new configuration area will be made available within Config > Structure titled Schemes. This area will be accessible by your admin users, with the purpose of enabling you to ‘self-serve’ various configuration aspects of a scheme. For now, only a Branding section will exist under the new Schemes area.

In order to configure the branding of your scheme PDF, the following settings will be provided within the admin area:

  • Primary colour;
  • Company logo.

A preview section will be provided for you to receive feedback on what a scheme PDF may look like as a result of your configuration.

Copy proposal

A new Copy button will be added to the Proposals tab of the Deals module, immediately after the Activate button and before the Delete button. This will enable you to copy an existing proposal scheme to a new proposal scheme.

Searching the collections tab

‘Contains’ type search functionality will be added to the trading partner filter that appears when a dimension sits at the trading partner operating level.

The possible range of fixed percentages

The below both relate to the fixed % rate within the fixed percentage rate deal mechanism:

  • Removing the current limit The limited range for possible fixed percentages will be removed so that you can enter whatever value they require. If the range cannot be removed and the system requires a limit to be in place, the range will be extended to -1000 to 1000.
  • Updating the current warning message The warning message stating that ‘Fixed % rate must be between -99.9999 and 99.9999’ will be removed, and a new warning message will be displayed if you attempt to save a deal with a percentage outside of the range -100% to 100%.


A number of enhancements are planned for Enable's Forecasting module. These include the introduction of automatic forecasting, deal recalculation enhancements and UI updates.


Further enhancements will continue to be made with Enable's new Collaborator initiative.

If you have any questions regarding our current or upcoming Enable updates, please contact your Client Services team at

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