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Custom calendar

The custom calendar is Enable's way of supporting the configuration of program lines that don't follow the regular calendar period, such as fortnightly or 4-weekly deals.

Configuring custom calendars allows you to efficiently set-up and report on program lines relating to the specific periods you have configured. These program lines can span over as many periods as you would like.

For example, you could split up the calendar year into 13 periods, where each period is 4 weeks long. This will allow for easy set-up of program lines that are 4 weeks in length.

Setting up your custom calendar

The initial configuration of 'Custom Calendars' is restricted to channel admin users only. The configuration is performed under Config > Structure. Here you can edit, delete, publish and unpublish your custom calendars. Clicking the add button will display several options where you can choose the name, start date and relevant use type (program line, reporting or both) for the custom calendar.


Please note that a custom calendar can only be deleted once it has been unpublished and can only be unpublished when it is no longer in use.

Using a custom calendar when configuring a program line

If you have a custom calendar, that you have published for program line use, you can choose this to select the start and end dates of a program line. This is particularly beneficial when creating program lines that fit to your financial periods.


If you select the start and end dates using the custom calendar, your payment frequency options are then limited to either 'End of agreement' or 'Custom Calendar'. Choosing the custom calendar payment frequency option allows you to have a payment due at the end of each of your custom financial periods.

Using a custom calendar when running reports

If you have a custom calendar, that you have published for reporting use, you can choose custom calendar periods when choosing the start and end dates of the report. This functionality is only available on the Daily Earnings and Transactions reports.

If you run a report using your custom calendar periods, you are not able to use the 'Frequency' dropdown. The frequency of the report defaults to your custom calendar periods, and therefore the report will return data aggregated at that level.

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