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Test and troubleshoot SSO configuration using other identity providers


In order to test your SSO configuration, simply navigate to your Trading Programs URL using a user account with a corresponding Enable account. At this point, you will be logged into Trading Programs using the email address provided to Trading Programs by your Identity Provider.

Should you encounter any problems when testing your SSO configuration, please contact your Customer Success team via Helpdesk, who will advise the best course of action.


The Trading Programs application logs details of failed SSO requests. In order to investigate any problems that may occur when attempting to access Trading Programs via SSO, please provide details of the name and email address for the account that you are trying to access the system with, and the time that the failed attempt occurred.

The Enable Engineering team will be able to review detailed logs to identify whether a request was received, the details in the request, and possible reasons for the failed authentication request. We may request a copy of your SAML 2.0 metadata .xml file in order to help us diagnose the most common configuration issues. We may also require a test account with your Identity Provider that we can use to test and verify the SSO configuration.

When we have reviewed the log information and configuration details, we will be able to provide feedback on how to rectify any issues that occur during the single sign-on process.

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