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Configure single sign-on with G-suite

G-Suite enrolment

If your company is not already registered with G-suite, you will need to enrol it before you can make use of the SAML2.0 features currently offered by G-suite. This enrolment process can be found here:

As part of the enrolment process, you will need to complete a number of steps including:

  • Verifying the ownership of your company’s web address.
  • Include payment information.
  • Provide the credentials of a user who will be the G-suite admin.

Creating the SAML2.0 App in G-suite

Once enrolment is complete, you can log in to to configure a SAML application. From the location, select Apps and then SAML Apps.

You will then need to click the Add button at the bottom right-hand side of the page. From the resulting panel, select Setup my own custom app where the panel will provide two options for consuming your G-suite’s Google IdP Information (as shown in the screenshot below).

Screenshot of the Google IdP information screen.

You will need to download both the certificate file (option 1) and the IdP Metadata files (option 2) from this panel so that they can both be used to configure Trading Programs.

Once you have downloaded the Idp metadata file in option 2, click Next and enter the name, description and logo for your application.

Providing the G-suite SAML2.0 configuration to Enable

In order to configure SSO, Enable’s system administrators will need to configure Trading Programs to integrate with your G-suite SAML application.

Please therefore provide your Customer Success team with the following:

  • The certificate file that was obtained in the previous step, this is required for Trading Programs to verify that the SSO requests are coming from your G-suite SAML application. Ideally this should be converted ‘.pem’ to ‘.cer’ format, however, if you are unsure about doing this, please provide the ‘.pem’ and Enable will perform this conversion to ensure the certificate is compatible with Trading Programs.
  • The IdP metadata file that was obtained in the previous step. This contains the details of your G-suite SAML application required for integration with Trading Programs.

Once this process has been completed, your Customer Success team will supply you with the configuration values required for the final configuration step.

Finalising the G-Suite configuration

Once the previous Trading Programs configuration step has been completed by your Customer Success team, please return to the portal and revisit the SAML app that was created earlier.

In the Service Provider Details section, you can now provide the remaining settings. The following settings will be provided by your Customer Success team:

G-suite name



To be provided by your Customer Success team.

Entity ID

To be provided by your Customer Success team.

Start URL

To be provided by your Customer Success team.

You should also configure the Name ID and Name ID Format fields (as shown in the example below):

Screenshot of the Service Provider Details screen.

With the above configuration completed, click Next and then Finish to complete the set up.

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