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Test and troubleshoot AD FS configuration


In order to test your AD FS configuration, simply navigate to your Trading Programs URL using a user account with a corresponding Enable account, at which point you will be logged into Trading Programs using your AD FS credentials.

Should you encounter any problems when testing your SSO configuration, please contact your Customer Success team and they will advise the best course of action.


In order to troubleshoot any issues which affect you when accessing Trading Programs via SSO, Enable will request a copy of any AD FS error logs detailing any failed sign in attempts. These error logs will be analysed in detail by Enable’s Development team and feedback will be provided on how to rectify any issues.

If we are unable to ascertain the URL or gain access to your AD FS FederationMetadata.xml file, we may request this is provided to us. This file describes the configuration of your AD FS server to third parties. Using this, the Enable development team will be better equipped to diagnose the most common configuration issues. The URL should be similar to the following, replacing “adfs-hostname” with your AD FS server’s hostname:


Please note — to assist with testing and troubleshooting, we request that you set up an AD FS test account which can be used by Enable’s system administrators. Please send details of this account to our Customer Success team via the Support Hub.

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