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Quarterly business reviews


Once per quarter, your assigned Customer Success Manager will organize a Quarterly Business Review (QBR) with your Project Sponsor. The purpose of this QBR is to reflect on current progress and plan for the future.


A typical agenda for an Enable QBR is as follows:

Strategic Initiatives

Here we review the project's initial goals and whether or not these goals have changed or adjusted over time. These are the key areas for success of the project.

Business Achievements

We look at the project's successes since the last QBR and how these have improved business processes. These could include examples such as finding missing rebate from your suppliers or decreasing the time taken to pay your customers. The successes will typically relate back to your initial goals and how Enable has helped you to achieve these.

Business Opportunities

This covers how we could further provide value to your business, for example, there may be a new feature or Enable app which helps to represent your programs. If the onboarding process is ongoing, we'll look into the features and projects that we are focusing on next and how these can benefit you.

Key Metrics

Key Metrics are statistics from the Enable platform (Support Hub, Trading Programs, Collaborator etc) which help to highlight areas that can be improved or areas which have been a particular success. For example, you may have a high system usage, but you may not be using the Enable support offering to its fullest extent to assist you.

Examples are as follows:

  • Average daily usage
  • Number of active trading programs
  • Accepted Collaborator invitations
  • Product gaps fulfilled/remaining
  • Most active helpdesk user

Data from Trading Programs can be presented to show the full capabilities of the Enable reporting and analysis. We may, for example, use unassigned transactions to illustrate areas where you can further capitalize on rebates.

Project Status

We summarize which projects have been completed, which projects are ongoing, and which projects we are planning for the future. We discuss the priority of future projects and make any necessary changes to the planned order of these.

Product Roadmap and Feedback

Here we review Enable's roadmap and general plan for the future. We will highlight any particular areas of interest, for example, we may be planning to resolve a product gap that you have raised previously. Following this, we review any feedback received from the last QBR.

Renewal and Referral

Enable will present slides detailing any information pertaining to Renewal and the Referral program.

If you have any questions about Quarterly Business Reviews, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

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